Make a big leap forward with a never-give-up spirit!

It’s been 5 months since my son was born, and I’m gradually getting used to his free-spirited behavior.

However, there are still many unexpected events, and each time they occur, my mind is greatly disturbed.

The other day, my son had a fever and my wife and I were in a big fuss.

It’s embarrassing because I’m not used to it.

My wife became busy taking care of our son, stress piled up, the house wasn’t cleaned properly, we relied on take-out prepared meals for meals, and our relationship deteriorated.

It really feels like I’ve been hit by a negative energy.

However, there was probably help from Shinkiko.  The damage was kept to a minimum, and as a result, communication between I and my wife has improved, and I feel like I am able to cooperate with my wife more than before (for now).

As the saying goes, when it rains, the ground hardens.

By the way, among the negative energy that comes out when I send energy, there is negative energy that has given up on becoming light.

They say, “I’m fine with things the way they are,” when in reality it’s painful and painful, and they’re forced to endure a lot.

The second sentence he said was, “There’s no way I can change,” “It’s too late,” “It’s impossible,” and “It’s me.”  It gives the impression that he is desperate.

They are so drawn into the darkness that they cannot imagine moving towards the light.

When we are influenced by such negative energy, our own thinking goes into a mode of giving up.

You don’t make an effort to communicate to people, and you think, “They won’t understand anyway,” or is there something you can do? We blame others without thinking about it, or we think, “It’s impossible, it’s a waste,” without making any effort.

In our Retreat seminar, during his lectures on Naikan(Inner observation) Method, Prof. Ishii often talks about how people cannot change, it is like telling a cat to become a dog.

The goal is to change your own thoughts and actions, not those of other people, but if you are strongly influenced by the negative energy mentioned above, you will not be able to do this at all.

We tend to blame others, the people around us, and the events we are facing.

This kind of negative Ki is something that is hidden in a very dark and deep place, so it is not something that has just started, but may have been influenced by various things from a long time ago.

However, if you continue to practice Shinkiko, your Ki will gradually charge up and it will be easier to turn negative into positive.

Therefore, if you find yourself in a mode of giving up, being aware of this and making some effort will make it easier for the energy of Shinkiko to reach you.

Even if you don’t make a big change all of a sudden, by moving forward little by little while looking for the good points, you can eventually make a big leap forward.