Thinking about positive Ki

I have been sending Ki to many people so far.
However, I was just an engineer with an electronics company who was not interested in Ki or the health of body and soul.
I don’t get the inspiration from spirits and I am not sensitive to Ki.

The late chairman was told by the white-bearded old man in his dream how to make High Genki machine, Ki is transmitted from hands, and anybody can receive and send Shinkiko.
I haven’t had such dreams.

Someone like me has been sending intangible and seemingly suspicious Ki to people and also making items transmitting Ki and even running Ki company for a quarter of a century.

When I first started this job and got myself into a fix, I hoped that the white-bearded old man came to me in my dream.
However, I realized one day that I would always expect the white-bearded old man once I had him in my dream and I would never be able to develop the ability to overcome difficulties myself.
Since then, I started thinking a lot while I was receiving Ki through High Genki, Onki and other Ki items.
It is very important to think what I can do now. By doing so very hard, I can come up with various ideas and find the better ways.
Based on my experience, I can say that believing Shinkiko from universe and trying to get creative to receive it and sending it to others will increase the positive Ki’s assistance and reducing the negative Ki’s influence.
Doing what I can do now will let me get the positive Ki’s assistance more easily.

Even though Ki changes from negative to positive and increases the power of assistance, it cannot lend a hand to us if we don’t do anything.
The result of assistance will appear when we try our best to do what we can do on our daily lives because even the positive Ki cannot change the environment drastically without our effort.

I am not sensitive to Ki but I have got to come up with some ideas naturally through many Ki experiences as craftsmen gain the intuition by using their hands.
When I think back, I even cannot tell why I could come up with the ideas and I can only think that it was because of the assistance of positive Ki.

There are many mysterious things about Ki but I think that the positive Ki is right behind very realistic and natural things.