The importance of facing yourself

Last weekend, we held a Shinkiko Retreat seminar in Kyushu.  I feel that a great deal of light has reached places that are connected to each and every participant.  Thank you everyone.

I think there are still some negative spirits waiting for the light, but the many souls who have become light this time will provide further support.

I want you to use your will and consciousness firmly and aim for even greater heights.

Especially in recent Retreat seminar, I hope to be able to receive powerful Shinkiko and convey this “importance of facing oneself”.

During seminar, I use special plates with laser-engraved light heads and pyramid marks, which dramatically increases the amount of Ki energy that comes into me.

Because of this, “what you think, what you are conscious of, and what kind of actions you take” have a great deal to do with the speed at which light reaches negative energy.

We discuss this not only in Retreat seminar, but also in Shinkiko lessons, so if you have any concerns, consultation, or questions, please contact us.

The next Shinkiko lesson will be distributed from KÌPLACE on April 7th (Sun).

[Notice]–The pyramid mark will also be engraved on the Shinkiko plate—

We have received many requests for laser engraving on Shinkiko plates, so starting today we will begin a service that will engrave the same pyramid mark on Shinkiko plates as on HG cards.

By engraving the name of the person you wish to send energy to, the Shinkiko plate will automatically deliver the energy of Shinkiko to that person.

This time, by laser-engraving the pyramid mark on the plate, the amount of Ki energy that reaches the person engraved through the person holding the plate will greatly increase, so we can expect even more effects.

In the case of the Shinkiko plate, it is possible to laser engrave two sides: the side with the inscription “May the light reach you” and the side with the SAS triple mark etched.

I am often asked, “If I want to engrave just one side, which one should I do?”, and my answer is, “It would be better to engrave the name on top.”  The price is 19,800 yen per page(side).

Also, if the surface of the Shinkiko plate has many scratches or dirt, it will be difficult to engrave with a laser.

Please be aware that the pyramid mark may become unclear and the effectiveness may be reduced. (If you are concerned, we recommend replacing it with a new one.)

Bring light to the strong negative energy of battle!

Starting today, the Shinkiko Retreat seminar has begun in Tamana District, which is close to Fukuoka in Kyushu and Kumamoto. This will be the first venue for the event. Whenever I go to a place for the first time, I always try to find out what kind of people were connected to this place and find out the historical background, since somehow the event is held there.

For me, the first thing I do is open up Google Maps and look for something that catches my eye. Then, I start to see things that interest me, such as ancient shrines and famous places, and I start searching for them on the internet. In the case of this time’s venue, the first thing that caught my eye was Otsuyama Aso Shrine, which is located near the facility.

The venue where we have held events in Kumamoto so far was located in what was once the precincts of Aso Shrine, so we may have been guided there.

With that in mind, when I expanded the display area of ​​the map a little more, I noticed the “Heike Ipponzakura(One cherry tree of Heike)”, and when I looked into it, I found “Miyama, one of the Heike Valleys” where the remnants of the Heike clan are said to have lived in hiding, in Yamakawa-machi, Miyama city. The Heike Ipponzakura (One cherry tree of Heike), which stands on the top of a small mountain called Mt. Tempo Koyama, is loved as a sacred tree for the Heike family. Further investigation reveals that the Heike group that survived the Battle of Dan-no-ura traveled by boat or on foot to Hakata, then descended south along the Satsuma Highway to escape the Genji pursuers, ending up near the current intersection of the Haegawa River and the Matsui River. This land has now been developed and turned into Kanamegawa Park, where a monument commemorating the last battle of the Heike clan is placed.”

I thought that the end of the Genpei War would be Dan-no-ura, but it turned out that it ended up in a place like this. Furthermore, the Battle of Chikugo River, one of Japan’s three major battles, is about 40 kilometers north of here.

Even so, the many battles involve many people and create strong negative energies such as deep sadness and hatred, which still have an impact on people. Therefore, I think that the energy of true light is necessary there.

Last month’s training was held in Atami, a place connected to Genji, and next month it will be held at Miyajima, a place connected to Taira no Kiyomori, so I feel a strong connection.

By the way, next week is the vernal equinox. My predecessor said that by seeing the happiness of the people around you, including you, your worries about your ancestors will go away, and this will be the best memorial service for your ancestors. I would like you to turn your attention to your parents and grandparents, remember what they have done for you, and express your gratitude.

HG(High Genki)Type 3, 6 and 6 Mini specification changes

We have started a service to laser engrave the pyramid mark on Shinkiko large plates and Shinkiko frames, and we would like to thank you for the many applications.

From what I’ve heard from people who have experienced it, I think that laser engraving is somehow different from the traditional etching method. Is it good to hit a mark on a metal surface with a “light” called a laser? Was it good that I was able to accurately design the pyramid mark? Is a laser that can accurately depict marks better? I don’t really understand the cause, but it seems to have a positive effect either way.

Then, we received an inquiry from someone asking, “The laser engraving on the Shinkiko frame was good, so would it be possible to use it as a plate for the Hi Genki Type 3?” When I engraved it and said, “That’s good,” it looked very good, so I decided to use it.

Up until now, the Type 3 Plus has included two etched sheets with the pyramid mark, so you can just laser engrave them instead. Therefore, on either front or back of the two thick plates with the SAS triple mark etched on them, we laser engraved four pyramid marks, the same as on the HG card, just like on the large plate.

We will immediately change the specs from the newly shipped Hi Genki 3 Plus model to a laser-engraved type instead of the pyramid mark etching sheet.

In addition, since it can be applied to Type 6 and 6 Mini models in the same way, we have decided to change the specifications of these to laser engraved types for the next shipment. Please note that laser engraving will create a golden-yellow burnt mark on top of the silvery metal color, which will change the appearance of the item.

In addition, for those who already have a Type 3 or Type 3 Plus, we will begin an additional engraving service for four HG cards. This is possible even for those who have fully upgraded from Type 3 Plus. Until May 20th, the upgrade fee for one level will be 49,500 yen, and after that it will be 77,000 yen (cash special price 70,000 yen), the same as the large plate.

This laser engraving service was started with the hope that as much light as possible will reach those who are engraving their large plates by the spring equinox. The large plates will be available until the 20th of this month, but will start again in July for Obon. Also, since it takes a lot of time to ship Shinkiko frames, we will not set a deadline. In addition, the plates included in the stretch mats sold in the past can be engraved in the same manner as the large plates, and the engraving will last indefinitely, so please use them.

Light spreads from where you can be conscious

My son is now 4 months old and has gained a lot of weight, so my muscle training has progressed naturally. In the beginning, I would sometimes get pain in my lower back while walking with my son in my arms. I consulted a trainer who regularly checks my physical condition, and it turned out that I wasn’t using the muscles in my lower abdomen properly.

If you don’t use your muscles, you’ll forget to use them, and other muscles you normally use will try to work in their place, causing strain and pain. My solution was to consciously use the muscles I wasn’t using, without having to go as far as training them. Then, I gradually became able to use it normally, and now it’s completely fine.

If you can’t do it or can’t use it, negative energy will have an influence on you without you even realizing it, and it will probably pull you in an even worse direction.

Maybe different parts of my body are giving different reactions to tell me that I’m not using them properly. It is important to be aware of areas that may be related to negative energy, and the same can be said about the mind.

For example, if you try your best without realizing where your heart is falling short, at some point it will become extremely difficult.

Just like with your body, getting to know yourself better and changing your mind for the better is profound, and I think there is no end to this.

In particular, when it comes to knowing yourself well, it is difficult to realize where you are short of, and recognize your own weaknesses and shortcomings, as they are deeply related to negative energy. It’s important, so I’d like to introduce what I keep in mind.

First of all, be open to new perspectives and criticism. It is important to suppress your defensiveness and try to accept other people’s opinions and points as valuable.

Also, it is important to remember that you are constantly growing, and instead of striving for perfection, you can view failures and mistakes as opportunities for growth.

It is also important to have as honest and open-hearted conversations as possible with the people around you.

What’s more, knowing how your emotions affect your decisions and actions will make it easier for you to realize where you’re not good enough.

By becoming aware of the parts of yourself that are lacking, with the help of Shinkiko energy, the light will be able to reach the negative Ki that is affecting you, and eventually you will be able to overcome it and grow greatly.  I am also experiencing trial and error every day.