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What’s New


Masato Nakagawa talks about Ki and sends the energy to viewers【Shinkiko Lesson】

Masato Nakagawa explains basic Ki concepts and leads a practice session in Japanese. He will send Ki energy to online viewers. It’s a free session.

★ April 7(Sunday) Ki Talk : 13:00~14:00, Lesson: 14:00~14:45 from KÌPLACE Tokyo 【Click here to join

★ May 12 (Sunday) Ki Talk : 13:00~14:00, Lesson: 14:00~14:45

Click here to join

Thies sessions are for both members and newcomers(Reservation is unnecessary).

※For the “Shinkiko Remote Healing”(15:00~15:45) after the session, please get in touch with Shinkiko Center to make a reservation in advance at tokyo@shinkiko.com.

★You need to install “Zoom” to watch the session.
★Please register your name and email address for the first time.
★Internet speed may be slow due to heavy load, so Wi-Fi is recommended as the connection method.