Start with yourself first

I participated in one week Ki camp held by the late chairman in 1992.
Back then, it was named medical qigong therapist training seminar and health restoration seminar. In 1994, the late chairman removed the distinction between the two and changed the name to Shinkiko Retreat Seminar.
This seminar changed my perception drastically and I strongly realized the effect of Ki which could make our bodies feel better.
I thought that the idea of Ki was important for anyone such as office workers like me, housewives and students and I joined the company in 1993.
Now that I think about it, I really didn’t understand the mechanism of Ki transferring machine, High Genki which gathers Shinkiko energy from the space and emits. After 30 years have passed, the idea of Ki and Shinkiko energy have become my core values now.

By the way, the thing I learned at the seminar back then is that Ki inside me and my mind were closely related. If we can change for the better, Ki inside us will influence others. The important thing is to change our own Ki first. Then, the positive Ki will easily radiate to the surroundings by the synergy of positive Ki inside us created in our minds and Ki taken in from outside.
I wrote, “How can we change ourselves not blaming somebody or something else?” in Shinkiko news on October 14th. It is very important to change ourselves for the better with the index for Senshin(Purifying the mind).

We read aloud “the good quotes from various religions” during the time for breathing techniques in the morning at the retreat seminar.
Today, I will introduce two quotes from the handout which can tell us how we can change.

A Simple Prayer for Peace (Saint Francis of Assisi)
“Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; ….
O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand. To be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive;….”

A Native American Prayer
“O’ Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds, And whose breath gives life to all the world, Hear me! I am small and weak. I need your strength and wisdom….I seek strength, not to be greater than my brother, But to fight my greatest enemy-myself….”

We often want others to do something for us but we have to start with ourselves first. Our greatest enemy is ourselves with weak mind and I would like everyone to receive Shinkiko well.

Time flies like an arrow (Koin Ya no gotoshi)

It’s time to announce the sale of “2023 Shinkiko Calendar” at the end of October.
Many of you may think that it’s already next year!
There is a saying, “Time flies like an arrow.” It feels like time is passing very fast for me from a certain time.
I looked up this saying in the dictionary. It means that “Time goes by quickly and it never returns. Ko(光) in Koin(光陰) means 日, day and in(陰) means 月, month. Days and months mean time.
The arrow used to be one of the things which we could feel the speed of and it never returned to the shooter. This expression has been used since Nanboku-cho period in Japan”.

There may be and may have been a lot of people who feel time passes very fast.
In my opinion, It felt like time passed more slowly when I was a child.
♪How many nights are there to sleep until New Years Day?♪
Just like the song says, I think I was always looking forward to fun and exciting things and I felt time went by very slowly.

By the way, when we lose our bodies, we become the spirits, the state of Ki energy with minds.
After we lose our bodies, we never age. We don’t need to eat and we lose our sense of time eventually.
It is perfect if the happy state continues forever but it is really bad if the suffering state continues.
Our minds cannot change so quickly after we die.
There are spirits which lost Ki energy and became negative Ki and have been holding a grudge and struggling for hundreds of years. It is important for us to keep our minds positive and enjoy a lot of things while we can.

When we get strongly influenced by the negative Ki, it will become difficult for us to focus on ourselves and it might feel like time goes by quickly.
It is such a waste if this situation continues for a very long time.
“Time flies like an arrow.” We should focus on receiving Shinkiko and bring an end to the negative things and move on.
I think it is a good idea to write your plans which are fun or hard in Shinkiko calendar so that you can send Ki in advance.

This year, I created QR code for the past Shinkiko news articles related to the season on each page and this will make it possible for you to read them on your smartphones.

For the people who have been charged with Ki

I held the Shinkiko Retreat Seminar at Lake Biwa until Monday this week.
I believe that I could send a lot of Ki to the participants and I would like to thank everybody who attended the seminar.
Every time, I talk about the index for Senshin(Purifying the mind). This time, the participants were all experienced and I talked about “The mind which attracts positive Ki.”
I also explain in the Shinkiko classroom in the November Hi-Genki magazine that the mind which attracts positive Ki is very important for the people who have been already charged with a lot of Ki such as Shinkiko.
I would like to explain about this today.

I think Ki is divided into 3 groups based on my experience(so far). This Ki is the one which exists around the people trying to receive Ki.

The first group is the sad spirits going through hardships which we attracted to our ancestors or to ourselves.
These are the spirits which lost their bodies but they don’t realize it and remain in the darkness with sufferings.
If we attract such people or we have such ancestors, we will also feel the same way and attract more and more similar spirits.

The second group is the spirits which envy or have a grudge against us or our family lines.
There is a reason why the first group of spirits are around us. Sometimes negative Ki is behind and trying to make things worse and holding us back.
For example, the spirits which lost the battle in the past become envious and blame the winners and families for their sufferings.

The third group is the spirits which agonize over not being able to help the spirits in the first and the second groups which have lost a lot of light.
These spirits are often into the religion when they are alive and they can understand the invisible energy like Ki and the light. However, they sometimes feel hopeless because they cannot make things better even though they make full use of their past experience.
Some spirits cannot understand that they can change with Shinkiko energy and fiercely resist.

Most of the time, Shinkiko energy penetrates into from the first to the third group in order.
The people who have been charged with Ki especially need to have strong minds to beat the spirits in the second and the third group.
In other words, we should not blame somebody or something else. We should try our best to change ourselves and do what we think is good(right) strongly and positively with hope even when we almost despair and appreciate what we have achieved.

Let’s fill ourselves and our surroundings with the light

One morning, my wife made French toast for breakfast. It wasn’t sweet and tasted weird and a little too salty.
When I finished eating one slice of toast, she told me that she had put salt instead of sugar.
No wonder I had to drink a lot of water and go to the bathroom very frequently on that day.
I wondered why she mistook salt for sugar and found out the cause of assumption. The salt is unique and actually looks like sugar. It was sent from her father a long time ago and we forgot about it.
I am grateful that my father-in-law always sends us various things but I thought that I didn’t thank enough for this salt and regretted it.

By the way, human beings have Ki energy, invisible life energy.
Any person has this energy which is sometimes called aura and I explain this Ki as the invisible light.
There are no human beings without Ki. Anybody who is alive emits the light and there are people(not only people but everything around us) receiving this light.
People’s minds are always changing but our positive and bright minds such as gratitude towards people around can emit stronger light, positive Ki. If we can be moreconscious of the people and the objects, the light can easily reach them. I hope everybody could send a lot of positive Ki to surroundings.

Shinkiko, Ki energy in this space is also positive Ki.
So far, while I have been using Shinkiko, I realized that human being’s Ki, life energy is heightened by Shinkiko. When human beings and animals die, our bodies will vanish but our souls, Ki will remain in this world and Shinkiko can penetrate into them as well.
The energy of Shinkiko is inexhaustible in this space(universe), we need Ki transfer machines or Ki goods which the late chairman learnt how to make in his dream to take it out.
I have been improving and developing more powerful machines and I have been able to take out the stronger Shinkiko energy.

Therefore, I hope that we all can fill ourselves with the light by receiving the support from the positive Ki and emitting the positive Ki to our surroundings connected to us by a mysterious fate using Shinkiko.

Slow and steady wins the race

This is my failure story. The other day, I was in a hurry due to the lack of time.
When I was running up the stairs at the train station, I noticed that the train was approaching the platform and I rushed to get on the train.
I thought that I made it and sat down and regained my breath. Then the train arrived at the next station but it was bound for the opposite direction.
I had to get off the train in a hurry and I dropped my handphone and kicked it away on the floor and I was so embarrassed.
In the end, I didn’t make it on time and I regretted that I got panicked and rushed but I moved on. Unfortunately, I gave the opportunity for negative Ki to take advantage of me.

I have often heard the saying, “Slow and steady wins the race.” (The beggar in a hurry gets less in Japanese) since I was little. According to the dictionary of idioms and sayings, “ The things will not go well if you do the things hastily, so you should be calm. When you go begging, you must have manners. If you try to have everything all to yourself and push other people away and behave restlessly, you will make the person upset and you will not be able to get anything in the end.”

I think I have got less panicked compared to before. However, I cannot keep up with my train of thought when the unexpected things happen. Maybe it’s because of my age..
It is said that our mind goes blank when we are panicking.
The negative Ki will strongly influence us when the unexpected things happen and we stop thinking.
The negative Ki tries to make a small mistake bigger and expand its power. It is important for us to have leeway in our hearts when we do something and try our best to keep calm and not to panic.

When we are getting the influence from negative Ki, we tend to panic and behave hastily.
If we cannot concentrate on one thing at one time, we cannot succeed and tend to fail.
We know it in our head, but we sometimes think too much ahead and panic. When it happens, we have to be careful.

Furthermore, we sometimes feel rushed and cannot relax even though we are not actually rushing.
It is necessary to check ourselves up from time to time because the negative Ki can make a small thing bigger.
When the positive Ki is trying very hard to support us, we cannot catch it if we are in a hurry.
It is important to receive Shinkiko very well and try to avoid the negative Ki.
We should keep calm and not rush in our daily lives.

Do not give up and try as hard as we can

Ki influences not only our bodies but also our minds.
I tell everybody, “Try Shinkiko and continue if you feel it’s good”.
People ask me, “Is Shinkiko good for○○?” when it is their first time.
The state of Ki (especially when negative Ki is influencing) differs from person to person. I tell them, “I cannot tell you whether it is effective or not but I can share people’s experiences and I would like you to refer to them.”

The essence of Ki has not been substantiated by modern science and even its existence cannot be proved. We can only know it through our experiences.
The experiences we introduce are true stories and these are the treasures for SAS and Shinkiko.
The common feature of various experiences is that they all tried to take in Shinkiko for something negative.
I am sure they tried because they thought Ki might be good for them. Nobody tried if they thought it wouldn’t work at all.
“Just use Shinkiko for anything.” This is the first step to change negative to positive.

By the way, there are various types of negative Ki, from dark and heavy existence without any light to relatively bright and light one.
The negative Ki can change to positive by getting light from Shinkiko. The time for Ki(light) to penetrate varies widely, though.
Even the very light negative Ki cannot change if we give up sending the light.
On the other hand, there is also a possibility for very dark negative Ki to change.

I have experienced interacting with a lot of negative Ki through sending Shinkiko.
Among these negative Ki, there are many souls which regret their lives.
Some of the dark and heavy negative Ki give up being brighter or feeling better since they have lost the light for a very long time.
They taught me the important lesson. “Try our best so that we will not regret later.” “Do not give up and try as hard as we can even in very difficult situations.”
I think it is important for us to try Shinkiko thoroughly even if the time is limited.
I will hold an online retreat seminar focusing on “changing negative to positive”.
I will try as hard as I can with the participants to support them.

Flying into a rage

The other day, my wife was so angry for a while and I had a trouble dealing with her.
According to her, when she had a regular checkup at the clinic, the doctor gave her a comment which made her angry.
It looked like there were many other things which made her upset.
Anyway, the comment looked trivial to me but it was serious to her and she flew into a rage and could not cool down.
If I had told something thoughtless to her, I would have made things worse and we might have got into a fight. I was very careful about it.
I received Ki a lot and tried to send Ki to my wife.
The negative Ki had something to do with this case as usual.

Generally, it is believed that the anger is relieved when we shout or take it out on things around us.
However, the research shows that “expressing anger actually increases aggression” by Dr. Brad Bushman at Iowa State University.
In terms of Ki, if we take our anger out on things, we gather more negative Ki and get influenced more by it.

It says, “out of the mouth comes evil” and it is very common in human relationships.
Between husband and wife, a casual comment can hurt the other and it can escalate to a flight or even a divorce.
We can avoid hurting others with our words if we can think carefully first. They usually come out because of a slip of the tongue.
The unhappy negative Ki which wants to make others unhappy make us say those words.
The people who receive those words are also made hear and remember them clearly by this unhappy negative Ki.
The negative Ki affects both and we should forget them as soon as possible.
If we keep getting influenced by negative Ki, the negative Ki will be accumulated. It is necessary to receive Ki in times like this.
There are a lot of negative feelings, not only anger. I think it is important for us to take in Shinkiko energy so that the negative Ki will not influence us.

Let’s tune in to the positive Ki by looking for good points

The Shinkiko energy taken out through High Genki and other Ki goods is the positive Ki in the universe. There is not only negative Ki but also positive Ki around us and this positive Ki is always assisting us.
When only bad things happen to us, we tend to forget the existence of positive Ki assisting us.

‘Iitoko sagashi’ in Japanese is trying to ‘look for the good points.’
As the proverb says, ‘Fortune comes in by a merry gate.’
When we can be happy with something, the positive Ki is emitted from us and the positive Ki around us will gather by the tuning effect of vibrating energy.
Furthermore, the assistance of positive Ki from our ancestors may bring the good things to us. If we can notice and appreciate it, we will be able to receive their assistance more easily.
To put it the other way around, if we cannot notice their assistance by positive Ki, the influence of negative Ki will become stronger and we will not be able to receive the assistance as we wish.
Therefore, we have been explaining the importance of ‘looking for good points’ together with receiving Shinkiko from the universe at the Shinkiko Retreat Seminar since the late chairman’s time.

The late chairman used to say that everything happens for a reason.
When seemingly bad thing happens to us, we can still learn or get awareness from that event. If we can do so, we can start looking for good points.
The negative Ki may create bad things but the positive Ki may control over from the higher place to good directions.
There are various kinds of negative and positive Ki, from weak to strong in this vast universe.
I believe that the positive Ki is superior to the negative Ki after all.

The negative Ki can keep changing to positive if we take in Shinkiko continuously.
Then, a lot of positive Ki will assist us. I hope that everyone will be more conscious of it.

I will hold Online Retreat Seminars in September

I held Shinkiko retreat seminars as one-day online mini seminars in August.
I would like to thank everybody who attended the seminars.
The spread of Covid-19 infection is concerned after the Obon and school holiday is over.
I planned to have Shinkiko Retreat Seminars at Mt.Fuji but decided to cancel it and have online retreat seminars instead, “Do you want to change yourself in 3 days?”

We all are influenced by Ki around us.
Especially when we get influenced by the negative Ki like a dark shadow, we cannot control the problems we face with our bodies and minds.
We can let them go away by keeping our minds positive and this positive Ki will penetrate into the negative Ki. The time needed to go away depends the level of the darkness of negative Ki.

We take in Shinkiko from the universe and this light can penetrate into the negative Ki gradually.
However, the negative Ki has the layers and the Ki in the deepest layer will disturb to improve and the things will not get better as we wish.
When this happens, we need to receive and take in the stronger Shinkiko energy and pay attention to the negative Ki and try to find ‘ the good points’ and direct our minds to positive.
This online seminars for 3 days is shorter than the Retreat Seminars hold every month and we cannot practice emitting light but we want to focus on ‘ changing negative to positive.’