Tomorrow is another day – The wind blows differently tomorrow

I held the Shinkiko Retreat Seminar in Aso last weekend.
Aso has a very long history and I felt that not only the participants but also a lot of related people including their ancestors received Shinkiko.
Thank you very much for participating in the seminar.

By the way, the reaction to “Favorable turn” occurs to a lot of participants during the first 2days at the seminar regardless of the number of participation.
There were some participants who experienced this reaction at Aso seminar.
They might have experienced “Favorable turn” when the negative Ki changed to positive and things got better by receiving Ki continuously even though they went through a bad condition with their bodies and minds along the way.

However, not only when we are participating in the seminar but also when we have difficulties in our lives, we worry about what will happen next and feel down because of the uncertainty of the future.
Even I who have seen, heard and experienced the reaction to favorable turn many times can be tormented by anxiety when there are too many problems with my body and mind or around me and I feel mentally pressured.
We never know what will happen in the future.
This is beyond our control and we can just try to do whatever we can do right now and prepare well for the future.
We understand that but there are times when the negative Ki influences us and makes us anxious.

If we cannot sleep at night thinking what will happen tomorrow, things will get worse.
When it happens, I tell myself that “Tomorrow is another day(The wind blows differently tomorrow)” and I think this saying is just right.

Kotowaza(proverb) dictionary says that “It is waste of time to wonder how the wind blows because the wind changes direction easily and head winds can become tail winds.”
This proverb has been used since the Edo period.

Everyone has the support from the positive Ki but the negative Ki sometimes strongly influences us and we face bad things and situations at such times.
By “looking for good points” and feeling brighter and trying not to attract the negative Ki, we can overcome bad situations more quickly.
There may be more negative Ki’s influence to the people who worry too much.
I hope those people to receive Shinkiko well and move on with this proverb.

The movie “The presiding judge who stopped the nuclear power plant”

A newspaper reported on July 13th, “The Tokyo District Court ordered the four former executives of the Tokyo Electric Power Company to pay 13 trillion yen at the lawsuit filed by shareholders over the disaster at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.”
This sentence is remarkable for the largest amount of compensation ever and recognizing the individual responsibility of executives.

By the way, I interviewed the film director, Mr. Hiroyasu Obara the other day for the opening page talk for the next month issue of the High Genki magazine.
Mr.Obara directed the movie, “The presiding judge who stopped the nuclear power plant” and he told me that he needed our help to release the movie nationwide from September.
This movie is about the presiding judge, Hideaki Higuchi I interviewed on June 2019 issue.

The late chairman was against the nuclear power in terms of Ki. He was against not only nuclear weapons but also nuclear power plants.
He went to Russia for the treatment of the people who were exposed to radiation at the Chernobyl disaster and invited sick children to Japan to treat them. He also visited the Hopi village with Dr. Obitsu to treat people who were exposed to radiation while working in a uranium mine.
He thought that there were many problems with uranium when used, mined and disposed.
I have been listening to the people who are against the nuclear power through the monthly magazine talk.
The judge Higuchi was one of them and his explanation was very easy to understand. He once sentenced that nuclear power plants were unconstitutional.
The movie introduced his thoughts as the Higuchi theory and explained the danger of nuclear power very well. It also introduced the solar sharing to solve the power shortage problem.

The solar sharing is the revolutionary technology invented in Japan.
It is farming and generating power at the same time by installing the poles and panels for power generation on farmland.
The movie shows young farmers who suffered from Fukushima disaster take a lead and grow crops while generating power.

I hope a lot of people watch this movie because it is related to the future of Japan’s energy and agricultural problems.
According to the director Obara, there are not many theaters which will play this movie and the number of audience in Tokyo will affect the number of theaters in other areas. Therefore, I would like to ask people in Tokyo to watch this movie.
He is trying to raise money through crowdfunding to play the movie nationwide. The closing date is August 9th and I appreciate your cooperation.
I sent the movie brochure to the centers. I hope those who are interested in can have a look at it.
For more information, please visit the website.

Ki dwelling in things and the effect of Shinkiko

Lately, my wife has been into herbs since she heard that they are good for autonomic nerves.
When we get irritated or nervous, the autonomic nerves (sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves) will be disturbed and the sympathetic nerve will be dominant. If we get irritated too much, the balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves will be lost.
Of course, Shinkiko is very effective to keep this balance well.
In my wife’s case, the sympathetic nerve tends to be dominant and I create the problems which make her irritated, too…
I just hoped that she could get the better balance by taking in anything.

However, she felt sick and vomited after she drank the herb.
When she took the half amount, she didn’t vomit but still felt sick.
She thought it might be one of the effects of the herb because she couldn’t get irritated and feel sick at the same time and continued drinking it. She also wants to finish it otherwise it will be a waste..
I suggested that she put the herb on the High Genki Type 3 plus.

After a while, she said “Something has changed after I put the herb on the High Genki.” It looks like she doesn’t feel sick now.
I think this has something to do with Ki.
Herbs and medicines and household appliances and any other things have invisible Ki which cannot be explained by modern science other than the material part.
The material part such as ingredients may be good but the negative Ki is dwelling in Ki part. When the people who are prone to the negative Ki drink it, they may feel sick.

The late chairman once talked about the diamond ring. It was from the pawn shop and the person who bought and wore it became sick. It was because sad and negative Ki of the former owner dwelled in it.

If the people who produce, distribute, sell and use have the negative consciousness and feelings, this negative Ki will dwell in the things. The negative Ki of dead people can be also involved.
On the other hand, the positive Ki dwells in the things when we appreciate and take good care of them.

Recently, the word ‘Fairtrade’ is often heard.
The Fairtrade is the movement to encourage a fair price trade and help financially and socially vulnerable producers in developing countries improve their quality of life with the appropriate wages.
This is great in terms of Ki.
Using High Genki and other Ki items will reduce the negative Ki dwelling in the things and even can change negative Ki to positive.
I hope that everyone will use Shinkiko not only on people but also on things.

Shinkiko – Not to be defeated by the heat

It has been really hot these days as if summer has come suddenly.
When I walked outside with a face mask on, my head started feeling fuzzy and I tried to take a break under a tree and drink more water than usual to prevent a heat stroke.
I feel very grateful to the people who have to work outside in this heat, for example, the people who guide us at road works or parking lots and the people working at construction sites and doing delivery.

It will become difficult to move our bodies as we want under this environment.
Not only our bodies but also our conciousness will get distracted and we can cause troubles at work or get injured.
It is important to be more careful (Ki wo tsukete) than usual and take a necessary break.

In this heat, we tend to spend too much time in the room with air conditioner or have a lot of cold food.
When we take something too much than usual, our bodies will take it as an abnormoality and our everyday routine will fall apart.
It is impotant for us to look into this situation and control it.
We will get influenced more easily by negative Ki when we have more negative environmental factors around us.
I hope that everybody will try to receive Shinkiko well in our daily lives.

There are the positive Ki with high energy and the negative Ki with low energy around us.
Among negative Ki, there are souls which lost their bodies with painful feeling.
A long time ago, there was no air conditioner but people still had to work under the hot weather.
There were people who died with painful feeling at that time.
Those people have become negative Ki and influence us even though they don’t mean it.
They are hoping that we understand their suffering since we are also suffering from the heat.
Our bodies and minds will suffer more when we are influenced by them.

There are actually negative Ki looking forward to a chance to disturb us, the living people so that we also fail because the things didn’t go well when they died.
They try to make bad things happen to us when we let our guard down in this heat.

If we feel irritated, mad, frustrated and worried about our health and even feel lazy to receive Ki in this hot weather, it may be because of negative Ki’s influence.
I hope that everyone will receive Shinkiko well in our daily lives and try not to be defeated by the negative Ki in times like this.

To learn from negative Ki

Shinkiko Retreat Seminar at Sanganesan in Aichi started today.
The participants always come with the consciousness seeking a change for the better.
This is very important in terms of Ki.

I believe that the mind and the consciousness cannot be measured by modern science but have some functions and these are the invisible energy, Ki.
For example, the things we are thinking become real or we experience ‘Fight-or-flight response’ in an emergency when our consciousness is concentrated.
This energy has the amount and we can direct it to certain directions.
If you have someone you like, you will send the positive Ki, your affection to that person and the stronger your feeling, the more Ki energy you send.
The mind and consciousness have the volume and we can direct them to the objects.

By the way, when we want to change for the better, we can go forward by finding something we lack and overcoming it.
Our shortcomings or flaws and negative parts attract the negative Ki and influence the negative Ki related to us.

Therefore, finding our flaws and trying to overcome them is sending positive feelings to relating negative Ki.
Furthermore, we receive a lot of Shinkiko, positive Ki from universe at Shinkiko Retreat Seminar and this Shinkiko will be added to our own positive feelings and we can easily change for the better.

We tend to think that the negative Ki is bad but it is not true.
Everyone is influenced by the negative Ki but we can change for the better when we notice it.
Trying to find the negative Ki influencing us is the key for us to grow.
By using this Shinkiko, the negative Ki will change to the positive Ki which is the energy supporting us and it will help the negative Ki in the depths change to the positive state.
We should stop thinking negative Ki as a bad thing. It is important for us to understand what the negative Ki is and try to change our thoughts and acts in the better way.

Father’s Day is coming soon.

When I look at the Father’s day gift section at stores, it looks less busy compared to the one for Mother’s day.
Fathers and mothers are the closest in terms of Ki and Ki energy can easily come and go between us. We should try to send positive Ki, not negative Ki to them and take good care of both fathers and mothers.
It has been already 27 years since my father passed away. I still feel my father, the late chairman very close because I show his video to participants at Shinkiko lesson once a month.

When I started to write this article, I took out the copy of a removed family register on my father’s side from the strong Ki item, Shinkiko frame double.
I have put the copy of family register and removed family register in the Shinkiko frame for about 10 years so that Shinkiko can be sent to my ancestors and family automatically.

My father’s real name is ‘一’, the number 1 in Kanji(read as Hajime) and I have heard of its meaning.
According to the family register, there were 2 daughters before him and they died soon after they were born.
It was in the early Showa period(1926-) when horse sleighs were used in winter. I understand that they couldn’t go to see a doctor freely in the deep mountains in Hokkaido and the medical care wasn’t advanced anyway.
My grandparents must have been really disappointed when they lost their children.
Then they had my father as the third child and they named him Hajime (the first or the beginning) hoping that they would never lose their child again and wishing the healthy growth of their son as the eldest.
They actually lost their sons after my father. I never thought about asking him when he was alive but now I want to ask him how it was like.
We think back a lot. Remembering and thinking about our ancestors is the same as sending invisible Ki energy to them.

By the way, my father is always sending Ki energy to me and I can sometimes feel it vaguely.
He is the one who started Shinkiko and he must have a large amount of energy and can do a lot of things.
He may be on another level and no longer need words to tell something.

Anyone has positive Ki and it watches over us and influences our consciousness deeply.
It is very important for us to think carefully and decide what to choose and which way to go since negative Ki also influences us.
I hope that we all receive Shinkiko regularly so that we can reduce the influence of negative Ki on us.

Let’s feel the support of the bright(positive) Ki

Shinkikoan-Akari’ (an=hermitage) started its operation in Aira-shi, Kagoshima on June 9th.
I wrote about the process of establishment of ‘Akari’ on vol.1233, March 25th.
I now visit the centers on Shinkiko lesson day once a month.
When I visited the Kumamoto center last month, I went to Kagoshima as well.
Please watch my YouTube video, ‘Not because of your mind, but because of Ki ‘ on this visit.
Ms. Kawachi’s brother and his wife visited us on that day and I had a chance to interview them. (Ms.Kawachi is the staff of ‘Akari.’)
I couldn’t put everything in 1 video but I will upload another video later.

By the way, according to Ms. Kawachi, when she was receiving Shinkiko, her late mother appeared and said to her ‘I wanted you to use this house.’
Today, I’ll explain about Ki and Shinkiko based on this story.

I define the energy which is invisible and unmeasurable by modern science but has some functions as ‘Ki.’

Ki is everywhere and we can feel it.
It may be easy for you to think that Ki is an invisible light.
Bright Ki makes you feel better and dark Ki makes you feel negative.
The fresh feeling in nature, the unpleasant atmosphere, thoughts and feelings are also Ki.
There is Ki, energy of life in our bodies and this Ki will remain in this world even after we die and our bodies disappear.

Shinkiko is ‘Ki’ in the space and the universe and it can be taken out using Ki transferring machine and other Ki items. We know by experience that it increases the amount of Ki inside us.
When we receive Shinkiko, Ki inside us is heightened(brighter) and bright Ki around us also increases. We will get more help from this bright Ki by receiving Shinkiko all the time.
Then, we become more sensitive to Ki around us and we sometimes talk on behalf of Ki, souls or spirits.
Ms. Kawachi’s mother had a very strong will and talked about the house.
The souls with bright Ki have a large amount of energy and can do a lot of things.
Ms. Kawachi’s mother not only told her children her thoughts but might have planned a lot of things for a long time.
Ki reaches to our ancestors when we receive Shinkiko and eventually we will get more support from them. We should try to find good things and send our ancestors bright Ki, gratitude.

Shinkiko-The energy penetrating into our souls

Yesterday morning, I heard the news that my best friend passed away. I am so consumed by grief realizing that I won’t see him again.
We spent so much time together during junior high, cram school and university days and we learnt a lot of things.
After graduation, He sometimes visited me and talked about the interesting memories. Thanks to him, I always had fun and he was a very considerate man.
He was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago and we couldn’t see each other because of Covid-19 pandemic but we managed to keep in touch by e-mail.
I was worried about him since I didn’t hear from him for a while when I got the news.
I really feel sad and regret that I couldn’t do anything for him although he gave me a lot of things.

What I can do right now is receiving Shinkiko and sending it to him.
I take in Shinkiko energy, an invisible light and send it to him while listening to Onki with High Genki machine on my chest.

We, human beings have Ki energy, invisible light in our bodies.
We lose our physical bodies some day but Ki energy with our minds(consciousness) will remain in this world.
Consciousness continues to exist and it won’t change suddenly with our death.
If it is going through a hard time and feeling a lot of pain , it will be a dark mass and stay that way.
It is more difficult for them to move on than living people do.
That’s why living people visit ancestors’ graves or hold memorial services to console them.
The souls can go to the world of light like heaven freely when they feel positive with Ki energy.

Shinkiko is the invisible light energy from universe and started when the late chairman made Ki transferring High Genki machine after the white-bearded old man taught him how to make it in his dream.
This machine takes out energy from the space and helps the energy to penetrate into not only our souls but the bodiless souls and elevate the energy level.
Furthermore, anyone will be able to emit Ki by receiving Shinkiko intensively.
When we send Shinkiko to others, they sometimes start talking unexpected things and I think this is because souls make them do it.
I now understand how the souls work and the role of Shinkiko energy.

The deceased will not be able to go to the world of light if the bereaved are grieving forever.
Shinkiko is the energy penetrating into our souls and saves people like me who lost the best friend.
I will receive Shinkiko myself and I will try my best to support his departure for the world of light.

Thinking about positive Ki

I have been sending Ki to many people so far.
However, I was just an engineer with an electronics company who was not interested in Ki or the health of body and soul.
I don’t get the inspiration from spirits and I am not sensitive to Ki.

The late chairman was told by the white-bearded old man in his dream how to make High Genki machine, Ki is transmitted from hands, and anybody can receive and send Shinkiko.
I haven’t had such dreams.

Someone like me has been sending intangible and seemingly suspicious Ki to people and also making items transmitting Ki and even running Ki company for a quarter of a century.

When I first started this job and got myself into a fix, I hoped that the white-bearded old man came to me in my dream.
However, I realized one day that I would always expect the white-bearded old man once I had him in my dream and I would never be able to develop the ability to overcome difficulties myself.
Since then, I started thinking a lot while I was receiving Ki through High Genki, Onki and other Ki items.
It is very important to think what I can do now. By doing so very hard, I can come up with various ideas and find the better ways.
Based on my experience, I can say that believing Shinkiko from universe and trying to get creative to receive it and sending it to others will increase the positive Ki’s assistance and reducing the negative Ki’s influence.
Doing what I can do now will let me get the positive Ki’s assistance more easily.

Even though Ki changes from negative to positive and increases the power of assistance, it cannot lend a hand to us if we don’t do anything.
The result of assistance will appear when we try our best to do what we can do on our daily lives because even the positive Ki cannot change the environment drastically without our effort.

I am not sensitive to Ki but I have got to come up with some ideas naturally through many Ki experiences as craftsmen gain the intuition by using their hands.
When I think back, I even cannot tell why I could come up with the ideas and I can only think that it was because of the assistance of positive Ki.

There are many mysterious things about Ki but I think that the positive Ki is right behind very realistic and natural things.