HG card will be released

Last weekend, we held our first retreat seminar of the year in Osaka. Thank you everyone. Through the participants, light reached many ancestors and predecessors. This will be my third retreat seminar in Osaka, and I will be learning not only about wars in an area with a long history, but also about the negative thoughts associated with business and money, as well as the many shrines and temples that many people rely on. For some reason, I felt that there was still a need for light.

This time, in order to receive a lot of ki, I had all the participants use the light head that I introduced last week, and I also introduced another newly developed HG card. It looks good, so I would like to release it as well and have it widely used as a product.

This HG card has the pyramid mark and serial number engraved on the back of the Shinkiko plate, and incorporates the essence of the Ki relay device Hi Genki into a single plate. The Ki relay device Hi Genki receives the energy of Shinkiko light through its body function, which is composed of a “relay” or SAS triple mark, and transmits the energy towards us through its head function, which is composed of a pyramid mark. It has become. This time, the Shinkiko plate has 1,000 SAS triple marks engraved on it, but on the back side, we have engraved a pyramid mark with a laser to add a high-quality head function. In other words, it incorporates both the main body function and head function into a single plate, and can be said to be the basic module of High Genki, so we named it the HG card.

By putting a serial number on each piece and registering who owns it, the individual can be identified and the ki will be relayed.

It became something completely different from the Shinkiko plate. These are made one by one by burning the pyramid mark and serial number with a laser, but we cannot make them in large quantities, so we will sell them only to members as they are limited edition.

How much Ki relay is there? I received a question during this retreat seminar. Does something like this give you energy? It is not possible to make a simple comparison because people’s thoughts are related to the amount of Ki absorbed, such as when receiving Ki without doubting that the amount of Ki absorbed decreases. The Hi Genki type 2 was equipped with a power seat to strengthen the functions of the main unit, but even if you use that main unit, it is equivalent to about 10 irradiation heads. With my own sense of hope, I answered the questioner, “Maybe 5 times more than the HG2 model?” I think it will differ from person to person, so I would like many people to try it out.

Starting today, I’m starting a new YouTube channel for the general public. There will be two broadcasts today at 18:00 and 20:00 (Japan Time). This is the channel address. https://www.youtube.com/@shinkiko-nakagawa

Light head released

As I mentioned in the Shinkiko lesson, I have decided to release a light head that I made for the participants to use in this Shinkiko retreat seminar that starts today. The name of this light head is a combination of the English word “Light”, which means “light” because it is light and powerful, and “Light”, which means “light” because it evokes the image of a long and narrow tunnel of light.

The internal structure is similar to a seat head. The seat head is made of a pyramid etched sheet and an SAS triple mark etched sheet covered with silicone rubber and laminated on a flat surface, but this light head is made of an acrylic pipe with a length of 25 cm and a diameter of 25 mm, and the same number of pyramids as the seat head. Only the etched sheets are stacked and rolled up, and both ends are sealed with stainless steel caps. Since the photo-etched sheet with the triple mark is removed, it is lighter and can be sold at a slightly lower price.

The reason why we were able to omit the SAS triple mark etching sheet is that the triple mark can now be engraved around the stainless steel cap. This is the minimum triple mark, so if possible, those who use this head should use plates together to achieve the full effect. However, by last year, plates such as the Shinkiko plate and plate boosters had become popular, and the power of your High-enki has progressed, and many Ki goods that use the triple mark etching have come into use. This effect is probably a big factor.

In order to relieve the stiffness in my wife’s back and shoulders due to childcare fatigue, I lined up five light heads on top of the futon, laid her body on her back, and used the seat head, white ceramic head, When I used a large plate, etc., I had the impression that the negative energy was easily dislodged, as if passing through the acrylic pipe of the light head and heading towards the world of light.

Also, this head is light and feels good on the skin, so I tried rubbing the light head on my 3-month-old son’s body and head, and rolling it over his body. Perhaps because he was in a good mood, he was smiling and the head was long at 25 cm, so I found it very easy to use. In this way, it is possible to get the same effect at a lower price than the seat head, so we decided to sell it because we thought, “There must be someone who needs this.”

We plan to have the participants of the retreat seminar starting today use it as a monitor. If I receive any experiences, I would like to share them at a later date.

Also, once the retreat is over, we will send it to each center so everyone can pick it up and use it. In that case, we would appreciate it if you could try it in combination with various plates, seat heads, or other heads.

Expand your field of vision

The other day, while I was making coffee in the kitchen, I accidentally hit my head on the cupboard door. This may be a bit careless, but it can also be seen as a message to “Expand your field of vision,” so today I thought about the idea of ​​narrowing your field of vision.

By the way, when your field of vision becomes narrow, various inconveniences and problems may occur. From a ki perspective, negative ki narrows your field of vision, and first of all, it makes it easy to overlook new opportunities and possibilities. This can cause us to miss out on various opportunities that appear in the form of positive energy support. Second, the ability to see things from different angles is reduced and creativity is limited, which can lead to a lack of problem-solving and new ideas. Third, prejudice and preconceptions become stronger, which can lead to misunderstandings about people and have a negative impact on relationships. Furthermore, clinging to one’s own limited perspective can increase stress and dissatisfaction, make it easier to miss opportunities to learn new knowledge and skills, and hinder one’s personal growth. Therefore, trying to broaden your field of vision is important in order to avoid negative energy and live a more fulfilling life.

By the way, what causes narrow vision? If you think about where there are opportunities for negative Ki influences to take advantage of you, the first thing that comes to mind is mental and physical stress and fatigue. Furthermore, if you repeat the same thing every day or rely only on a specific source of information and feel safe, negative energy can unknowingly prevent you from noticing new perspectives, or create fear and preconceptions about new things. I will.

Therefore, in your daily life, you should receive sufficient Shinkiko to make yourself less susceptible to negative Ki, but you should also be careful not to narrow your field of vision, and take steps to broaden it. It’s about not neglecting your efforts.

To do this, you can gain new perspectives by gaining experiences that are different from your everyday life, interacting with various people, reading books, etc. I hope that you will make good use of the Shinkiko Retreat seminar, Shinkiko Lessons, as well as this newsletters and High Genki magazine.

Also, by reflecting on your daily actions and thoughts, you will be able to understand the limits of your own field of vision and make efforts to exceed them. In our retreat seminar we ask participants to reflect on their day and write down a vow for tomorrow, but keeping a diary, for example, also allows you to look at your thoughts and actions objectively.

I have briefly listed some countermeasures, but I hope that everyone will make an effort to “expand your field of vision” this year.

May the year of 2024 bring you lots of light, happiness and smile

Happy New Year! Since the beginning of the year, heart-wrenching events have continued, including the earthquake in Noto and the accident at Haneda Airport. We would like to express our deepest sympathies to everyone involved. We can’t afford to attract more negativity. I will support you so that you can shine even more this year by using the Shinkiko that turns negative into positive, so I look forward to your continued support this year.

By the way, Murasaki Shikibu is the main character in this year’s NHK Taiga drama. I often saw the word “shining”. The energy of Shinkiko from the universe is like invisible light that permeates a person’s body and supports them to shine even more. The start of a new year is a great time to set new goals and develop yourself. Here are some points to help you improve yourself efficiently and bring out your best self.

The first step to growth is to deeply understand yourself. Think deeply about your strengths, weaknesses, things you enjoy and don’t like, things you care about, values, passions and pleasures, preferences, personality, etc. When you think about it from the perspective of Ki, there are things that are influenced by positive Ki and negative Ki, so understanding this will deepen your understanding. For example, if you look back on your daily emotions and reactions and feel angry about certain things, could that also be influenced by Ki? By thinking about this while receiving Shinkiko, you can understand the sufferings of related ancestors and deepen your self-awareness.

The best thing to do about yourself is to improve your positive aspects and reduce your negative aspects, but set specific goals for both and make a plan to achieve them. When you use specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound criteria, you are less susceptible to negative energy. For example, set goals such as “Start a new 〇〇 within 6 months” or “Focus on 〇〇 emotions, receive daily Shinkiko and sessions, and attend Retreat seminar in 〇 months.” and be as specific as possible. Make a plan.

Furthermore, daily habits are important in order to avoid the influence of negative energy and achieve your plans. For example, acquire positive habits that will help you reach your goals, such as receiving Shinkiko from 7am every morning or setting aside time to read.

Gaining new knowledge or making an effort to remember something in this way makes it easier to receive the support of positive energy and keeps negative energy away. Actively seek out new hobbies and learning opportunities on an ongoing basis. In order to make 2024 a wonderful year in which you all shine, we will be sending energy from Osaka to next Saturday’s Shinkiko lesson. Please join us.