(78)A Narrow Escape from Death

There are some people who experience “narrow escape from death”.

Many people seem to change their lifestyle completely after such an experience.

When I looked up this proverb in a dictionary, I found that it means “to be saved when one almost loses one’s life.

Nine represents the largest of a number.

It has been used since the mid-Heian period”.

It seems to be an old saying, but in the past, people did not have medical care or goods, nor did they have weather forecasts to prepare for heavy rain or cold waves.

In some periods there were wars, so many people must have lost their lives.

In my past experiences, although I have never been so close to death, I sometimes think that I might have died if I had been pulled in a worse direction.

When the late chairman collapsed for the first time in March ’95, we found out through examination that he had a heart attack about 10 years before he died, and a part of his heart had not been functioning since then, so I guess that time was a “narrow escape from death” for him.


People who are alive today may have more or less an experience that they were saved by something. 

I believe that negative Ki and positive Ki are related here.

Positive Ki, which is present in every person, is always trying its best to support us.

On the other hand, negative Ki works to drag you down because it is in pain and suffering, and wants that person to go through the same thing.

However, the characteristic of negative Ki is that when they have the same frequency, they gather from all over the place and rapidly expand their power, even if they are not related to each other, because of the synchronizing effect.

Therefore, to avoid such a serious problem, we should think positively on a daily basis and not darken our minds, and receive Shinkiko to prevent ourselves from getting affected by negative Ki.


Also, we should not take things for granted. 

Being able to live peacefully is something that we should be thankful for, and we should always try to find things to be thankful for in our daily lives. By constantly being aware of positive Ki, it will make it easier for us to receive support from the positive Ki.

Be Aware of Resistance Forces Caused by Negative Ki

Shinkiko Retreat Seminar in Atami has started today.

I heard it is snowing in Tokyo, but here it is raining and just a little cold.

Some of the participants have not been here for a long time, so I am sending them Ki so that they will be able to come safely.

This is because they may not be able to come if they are affected by resistance forces of negative Ki.

From my experience, while sending Ki to a participant who struggled to come to the training course, I came across a spirit saying, “I was trying to prevent you from coming, but damn it!”

As more and more positive Ki reached this participant, that soul said, “Not only am I no longer able to interfere, but I also want to go to the brighter side, which I had been resisting.”

There is usually more than one negative Ki affecting us.

I say it is layered from light to heavy.

Like, “When I think about it, I am not the only one who is not well, Grandpa was also not well.”  The negative Ki related to Grandpa got attracted to the negative Ki which I created, and Grandpa was also affected by the negative Ki related to his higher ancestors…and so on.

 By the way, when you receive Shinkiko, the negative Ki becomes light and disappears in the order of lightest to heaviest. The darker and heavier the negative Ki is, the more “energy charge” or, as I call it, recharging of Ki is necessary.

Shinkiko practitioners are those who have the Ki transferring device, Hi Genki, so they can receive Ki 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and this is how they are turning negative Ki into positive Ki.

In other words, people who have been doing it for a long time have been recharged, so it is possible for a little stronger negative Ki to block their way, and because it is a strong negative Ki, it tries to pull them in the wrong direction like a resistance force to prevent the light from coming.

 However, when the time is right, this too will become light and gradually fade away, but if you understand this mechanism and do not let the resistive forces take over, the negative will turn positive earlier.

In other words, the sooner you can find the resistors, the sooner you will be able to make the negative turn into a positive.

I take the opportunity to explain to you the various tricks of negative Ki.

It may seem that there is no end to it, but from a certain point, the negative turns into positive and the forces that support you increase extremely, which accelerates the speed and increases the number of good things and makes your heart feel happier.

Change your Mood with Shinkiko!

It would be nice if every day was full of fun, but that is not always the case.

There are times when we feel depressed about ourselves and relationships with those around us.

In terms of Ki, when we think too much, worry, or get anxious about our future and become negative, it generates negative Ki, and attracts negative Ki from the people around us. Then we are further affected by the negative Ki, which makes us feel even more depressed.

In other words, the Ki energy in the body, which is like light, is absorbed by the dark negative Ki from the surroundings, and reduces.

As the word implies, Ki energy is reducing, and we want to avoid this as soon as possible, but many of you may have experienced that it is difficult to switch out of this mode.

In such a situation, negative Ki synchronizes with the negative Ki, and you may become too busy or lazy to do anything, and end up blaming yourself.

When you understand the principle, it’s because of negative Ki, so there is no point in blaming yourself.

However, if you keep blaming the negative Ki, the situation will not change.

The best way to deal with it is to first remove the possible causes by implementing measures if you are worried about something.

Then, do something that you enjoy and change your mind to get out of the negative loop where negative Ki gathers.

What would you do? This mood changing is something that only we who are alive can do.

Because we have a body, we can use our five senses to take in good stimuli from our surroundings.

We can use our ears to listen to our favorite music, our eyes and ears to watch a comic show, our body to feel the warmth of a bath, or our mouth to have someone listen to you, so there must be something that will change your mood.

For a change of mood, I recommend Shinkiko because it is easy to change negative Ki into positive Ki.

Just the action of holding the head in your hand and placing it on your body is a translation against the negative loop, and furthermore, if you can vibrate it and feel the warmth and pleasant sensation, you are sufficiently overcoming the negative Ki.

However, sometimes it is difficult to change the mood after doing Shinkiko, and sometimes you may doubt whether the Ki is effective.

In principle, this is caused by the influence of strong negative Ki, so the only way is to bring in strong positive Ki from outside, to create positive Ki from within yourself by looking for good things and changing your mood, and to remove what you think is related to negative Ki by thinking calmly about things.

SAS has many ways to support you in receiving strong positive Ki、 Shinkiko, so please contact us if you have any questions.