Humble way of life

Every Thursday from 7:30 p.m., I do a YouTube live show called “The World of Ki as We Experienced” where I talk about the world of Ki with journalists Mr. and Mrs. Oharada. Yesterday, I talked about the development of a device to increase the energy of my Ki apparatus.  The story is based on the “Method of accumulating cosmic energy” written in the book “High Dimensional Science 2” written by Dr. Hideo Seki, who has a doctorate in engineering.

Even recently, people come to us saying, “I read Professor Seki’s book.” Professor Seki passed away in 2001 at the age of 96, and this book was published in 1996, so I still feel the support of Professor Seki from “that world”.

When I took the Shinkiko Retreat seminar in 1992, Mr. Seki gave a lecture, and he talked about indicators for “Senshin”(Mind Purification) and “Nenpa”(Wave of thought), which really interested me as an engineering graduate. That’s what I heard. Professor Seki held seminars with my predecessor(father), so I often met him, and I also traveled with him overseas.  He was a great teacher, having received the Medal with Purple Ribbon and the Third Class Order of the Sacred Treasure, and is a world authority on radio engineering, but he never showed any of that. There is an item called “be humble” in the index for Mind purification, but in my university and office days, I have often come into contact with people who have a strong personality as a sign of their ability and confidence. I was very impressed.

By the way, if you are too strong, you tend to impose your opinions and desires on others, such as conflicts of opinions and the inability to cooperate with others, which can lead to stress and tension in interpersonal relationships, which can affect social life and people. This can cause various problems in relationships. In addition, self-centered behavior may become noticeable, leading to a lack of empathy and gratitude, which can lead to a loss of trust from those around you and isolation.

It is very important to live a life that minimizes one’s self, that is, to live a balanced life without belittling oneself, but also not asserting oneself too much. The universe lends its power to bring all things into harmony, so a way of life that minimizes ego will make it easier for you to receive support from the universe.

In Shinkiko Retreat seminar, through group work and consciously listening to what others have to say, it seems to lead to practice such as respecting other opinions and empathizing with others. Also, negative Ki may be preventing you from “be humble,” so it may be effective to try to look at yourself while receiving the Shinkiko. I think it will become more and more important to live a life that minimizes self-reflection, from the things around us to the global environmental issues.

A strong heart is tested

The other day, a person who had never heard of Shinkiko came to my private session at KÌPLACE and said, “I found out about it on your website.”

When I asked her about it, she said, “It looks good, but will it be okay? It’s going to cost a lot of money…” and she was quite hesitant when she applied.

In the end, I was called when I was about to leave, so I decided to go ahead and do it.

During the session, as I listened to her story, I was impressed and thought, “She really decided to come .”   When my predecessor(father) made the Hi Genki, I secretly took it apart and thought it was suspicious, so I understand how he feels.

I might not have had the courage to come and receive Ki.

If you ask someone who doesn’t know anything about Ki, they might say things like, “This seems somewhat suspicious,” “Does Ki come out of things?” or “Is this a spiritual marketing method?”

The world of Ki cannot be proven through science, so the only way to understand it is to experience it.

And I think it’s important to refer to the experiences of various people as much as possible.

In this person’s story, it is clear that there are two forces at work: positive energy that wants to support her, and negative energy that does not want to change and is holding her back.

Couldn’t it get better? It was probably because of the presence of positive energy that made me feel that way that I became interested in S.A.S.’s website and read it well, and on the other hand, negative energy acts as a hindrance. Something as simple as booking a session became extremely difficult.

I felt that “the negative energy is strong, but the positive energy is strong enough to support me,” so I did my best to send energy to them.

By the way, the Shinkiko Retreat seminar started today at Mt. Sangane in Aichi Prefecture.

The first lecture in this seminar was about what kind of mindset you should have in order to increase your Ki, and the “Indicators for Mind Purification”, which were categorized into “a mind that attracts positive energy” and “a mind that tends to attract negative energy” is explained.

In this index, “Strong” is ranked first in terms of having a strong spirit that does not give in to negative energy.

Negative energy takes advantage of various situations and tries to make the person’s emotions negative and attract more negative energy.

In difficult times, it is important to remain calm, think carefully about what to do, and act accordingly.

And I believe that the light of Shinkiko and this “strongness” transforms even the strongest negative Ki into light.

We will be holding a High Genki class.

At the beginning of this year, we started engraving pyramid marks using a laser, and based on the experiences of our members, we learned that it can be applied to a variety of Ki goods, including High Genki products, and we have been steadily expanding this service. As of now, I am not sure why laser engraving the pyramid mark enhances the Ki effect. There are two or three points that I can infer, but in order to confirm them, I need to make various things and repeat experiments, and right now I’m busy making what I’ve ordered and don’t have time to confirm. I can’t.

People often ask me, “How did you know that laser engraving would enhance the Ki effect?” The truth is, I didn’t know either. By chance, the laser engraving machine I had been using broke at the end of last year, so when I was on vacation and was browsing the internet, this product appeared in front of me and was on sale at a great price, so I snapped it up. I had some time over the year-end and New Year holidays, so while I was stamping things with the engraving machine I received, I wanted to try stamping the pyramid mark and the SAS triple mark myself, so I tried creating a new one on my computer, and it didn’t work. That is to say, it was good.

Truly, this world of Ki is full of things that cannot be understood through logic.

By the way, Shinkiko began when ourpredecessor(my father) learned how to use a Ki relay device from an old man with a white beard. In the 38 years since then, I have improved and developed various things based on everyone’s experiences, although I don’t really understand the exact principles. I feel like we have made progress based on feedback from members who regularly use our service. Initially, there was only a model 2 for High Genki, but now there are 5 models including the personal High Genki Mini Junior.  At first, there was only a hair dryer type irradiation head, but now there are 9 models. There are various types available.

Compared to the previous era, the variety of High Genki and Ki goods has increased and they have become easier to use, but on the other hand, I think it has become difficult to understand how to use them to maximize their effects.

Therefore, we have decided to hold a High Genki class for High Genki and Ki goods users, as well as for those who are new to Shinkiko. Here, while actually using High Genki, we will explain in an easy-to-understand manner everything from basic knowledge to effective usage, with a focus on practical training. Please feel free to bring the heads and Ki goods you always use. The event is free, but seats are limited, so please apply early.

Let’s make good things a habit

Do you have any good habits? Someone once told me, “I receive energy from Hi Genki in the morning and evening during Shinkiko time.” It’s become a habit, which is great. Negative energy is dark energy that does not want to change, so it prevents the person from changing for the better. Just by being able to take action, we can increase our Ki energy, which is like light, but if we can make good things a habit, the influence of negative Ki will gradually recede and we will be able to receive support from positive Ki more easily.

To explain a little more, our daily lives are made up of countless choices and actions, but when we make a decision and take action, we think about whether or not we should take that action. When you think about something, it is accompanied by a certain kind of stress, such as thinking, “It’s a pain,” or “Can I stop today?”  This is linked to the state of your body and your emotions at the time, and negative energy comes into play.

Habits are actions that become automatic through repetition, but this automaticity that the body has learned not only allows you to perform actions with less effort, but also allows you to perform actions with no time to think, there is no room for negative energy to take advantage of it. So, by developing good habits, you can act more effectively with less effort, increase your light, and save your willpower to think and focus on other important decisions.

For example, if you get into the habit of doing yoga at a certain time every morning, you won’t have to decide whether to exercise or not every day, and you will naturally develop a healthy lifestyle.

If you think about it this way, making it a habit means challenging negative energy, but you can make it easier to succeed by doing the following.

1. Divide your big goal into small actions and gradually increase the difficulty. For example, if you want to develop an exercise habit, you can start by taking a walk once a week and gradually increase the frequency.

2. Set a specific action or time as a trigger. For example, if you make it a habit to brush your teeth immediately after breakfast, you will automatically brush your teeth after eating breakfast.

3. Stay motivated by recording what you accomplish. For example, you can use a calendar or diary to record your daily habits, or do it with someone. Also, even if your habits break, we emphasize not giving up and starting again. It is also important to review something once it has become a habit after a certain amount of time.

Your efforts will definitely pay off, so take one step at a time to get closer to your ideal self.