Creating New Hi Genki Head

Time flew by and this will be the last Shinkiko News for this year.

I would like to thank everyone for using Shinkiko energy in 2022.

Looking back on 2022, there was the unchanging Corona disaster, war in Ukraine, former Prime Minister Abe’s murder case and the following religious issues.

Late chairman used to say “There’s always a meaning to everything”, and these problems become a chance for the world to get better.

We who are alive, must change things to a better way by learning lessons from any problems that may arise, whether it’s physical, mental or social.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, so we need this Shinkiko energy, which is sent from the far universe, to overcome the negative energy which has been spreading across our planet for decades.

Shinkiko energy is inexhaustible in the universe, just like the sun sending us light and heat brightly, but in order to receive this energy, we need special items such as Ki transferring device Hi Genki. The difficult part is that there is no other way to understand this but to experience it.

However, gradually the nature of this energy is changing, and as I explained in the article two weeks ago, (1) Use with consciousness (2) Use continuously (3) Use layering techniques, by keeping these points in mind, you can use it more effectively. I used this as a hint when making the Hi Genki Type 7 which was introduced last year, and Type 8 this year.

By the way, I have been thinking about how I can make a head which can be applied over a larger area of the body.

It’s good to have a head that can be focused on a certain part of the body like the previous heads, but there are often times where I want to send energy to a wider area such as lower back/back, stomach, chest or head.

The technology of layering the etching sheets in Hi Genki 8 gave me a hint. I layered the etching sheets just like the power unit of Hi Genki, and discovered that if I cover both sides with a silicone rubber, I can make a light and flexible sheet so that it fits our body. I named it “Sheet Head”.

I will be introducing it to everyone at the Shinkiko membership meeting, which will be held on the 25th.

The next article will be delivered on the 6th of the new year.

I would like to thank everyone for 2022 and wish everyone a Happy New Year ahead.

My reinforcement month… my nose wouldn’t stop running.

On Sunday, 11th December, I talked about the Shinkiko membership meeting and sent Ki from Kumamoto. This month is a reinforcement month so I talked about how to overcome strong negative energy. I am also taking this chance to challenge myself in various things, by taking in powerful Shinkiko energy.

One of them is today’s topic, English. The Youtube video which I’m going to upload is an interview with Mr.Gary, an acupuncturist from Colorado, United States.The interview went on well with Mr.Kuwahara as an interpreter, but I felt the need to speak English so I took the introduction part in English.It was just for a few seconds, but I had to reshoot several times because I would forget the words or my face would become too stiff because of nervousness.In the end I managed, but my nose wouldn’t stop running.My wife got worried that I might have a cold and brought me a thermometer, but of course I didn’t have a fever. I felt that it’s the effect of negative energy trying to resist.I couldn’t lose. I completed everything with a desire to overcome and managed to upload the video so that it would be ready by 7pm today.  

I have never been good at speaking, even in Japanese. I’m not good in languages at all, and when I listen to English, I become sleepy.It took me twice as long as the other students to pass my German class in college.Negative energy must be trying to disturb me in communicating with people.I’m aware of it myself, so I try my best to overcome it.

By the way, the reason why I interviewed Mr.Gary was that 2 years ago, he uploaded a video of his 3-year-old granddaughter using a Shinkiko stickhead on our Facebook group.

I liked the part where Mr.Gary asked “What are you doing?” and the cute girl answered “Shinkiko”.For details, I would like you to see the Youtube video, but he is a licensed chiropractor and now specializes in Chinese medicine and Japanese Acupuncture, using Shinkiko products.

Today I wrote about my reinforcement month, but how about everyone? This weekend is Day 2 of the membership meeting in Osaka. I would be happy to hear “looking for good things” and any questions from you.

To overcome the strong negative Ki

This month is a ‘Ki reinforcement month’ in which we can receive a lot of Ki.
It is better if we can use Ki items (1)consciously, (2)continuously, and (3)aiming to add up Ki.
(1)By focusing on Ki items, it will become easier to take in Shinkiko energy. If we can also pay attention to negative Ki, Shinkiko energy taken in can easily reach it.
(2)Use portable Ki items and Heads which can be used all the time so that we can take in Shinkiko energy with no interruption.
(3)It is known that Shinkiko can be more effective by using Ki items together. Try to be creative to use various items at the same time. Don’t forget to use the items purchased in the past.

It is important to take in Shinkiko energy efficiently from outside, but it is also important to emit positive Ki from inside and try to get more assistance from positive Ki and avoid negative Ki.

For example, after we determine to do something and take action, we sometimes lose our motivation.
I think the strength to overcome negative Ki is like the strength of willow which can ride out typhoon comfortably. It is OK to have a break if we don’t give up. Because the battle with the stronger negative Ki will be the longer one.

Of course, it is necessary for us to try as hard as we can at one point but it won’t last because we will be worn out by stress. We can go on by utilizing positive Ki energy which can be collected by doing fun, favorite and happy things and having positive minds.
When we get influenced by strong negative Ki, the people around normally wouldn’t acknowledge or praise us.
We have to find what we are good at and praise ourselves.
It seems like our own self satisfaction but it is the best way to confront strong negative Ki.
I hope we all can find the things we can do well and ‘look for good points’ steadily.

Don’t miss the chance of awareness

The people who receive a lot of Ki or have received Ki for a very long time are surrounded by brightness with positive Ki. Their surrounding is also bright with positive Ki. I can say that they are charged with Ki well. And I don’t want those people to miss the chance of awareness.

When negative Ki changes to positive by the light of Shinkiko, it will come to the surface and disappear like the pus comes out for the people who are charged with Ki well. It won’t just fade away. If they can be aware of something at that time, they can increase the light significantly and change for the better sooner.

When the influence of negative Ki appears as body ache or poor health condition, they are willing to receive Ki.
However, it is not easy to tell the influence of negative Ki in the case they feel negative when bad things happen. They have to be careful especially when they have no room in their minds or they are too busy.

In either case, it is important to pay attention to concerns or underlying emotions when receiving Ki.
It is also good to look back or look at the older generation and the people around and pay attention to the similar cases.
It is important for them to make time to face themselves.

By thinking that it may be because of the influence of negative Ki, the charged Shinkiko energy will reach more easily and the surfaced thing can disappear sooner.