I will hold Online Retreat Seminars in September

I held Shinkiko retreat seminars as one-day online mini seminars in August.
I would like to thank everybody who attended the seminars.
The spread of Covid-19 infection is concerned after the Obon and school holiday is over.
I planned to have Shinkiko Retreat Seminars at Mt.Fuji but decided to cancel it and have online retreat seminars instead, “Do you want to change yourself in 3 days?”

We all are influenced by Ki around us.
Especially when we get influenced by the negative Ki like a dark shadow, we cannot control the problems we face with our bodies and minds.
We can let them go away by keeping our minds positive and this positive Ki will penetrate into the negative Ki. The time needed to go away depends the level of the darkness of negative Ki.

We take in Shinkiko from the universe and this light can penetrate into the negative Ki gradually.
However, the negative Ki has the layers and the Ki in the deepest layer will disturb to improve and the things will not get better as we wish.
When this happens, we need to receive and take in the stronger Shinkiko energy and pay attention to the negative Ki and try to find ‘ the good points’ and direct our minds to positive.
This online seminars for 3 days is shorter than the Retreat Seminars hold every month and we cannot practice emitting light but we want to focus on ‘ changing negative to positive.’

Shinkiko and Autonomic nerves

One-day online mini seminars will be held for 3 days starting today.
Since I had free time before it starts, I went for a walk, my morning routine.
I had a good time under the dry, nice weather even with the strong sunshine this morning.
I walk to and around the park in the neighborhood in about 1 hour and this is the time for me to condition autonomic nerves.
Autonomic nerves are the nerves which control the functions in our bodies such as internal organs, metabolism and body temperature around the clock.
Sympathetic nerves make our minds and bodies active and parasympathetic nerves make them rest and losing the balance will create a lot of problems to minds and bodies.
It is very important to keep the balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves and this is stressed in the seminars as well.

When we work during daytime and we are pressed for time, our sympathetic nerves become dominant for a very long time and we forget to relax.
In this very stressful society, the sympathetic nerves become too active before we realize it and we will lose room in our minds.
It is important to have a rest and make parasympathetic nerves dominant whenever it is possible between work and find the way to relax and not to get worn out.

I lie down pressing the White Ceramic Head onto my body or listening to Onki for about 10 minutes and try to take a nap after lunch.
When the vibrating White Ceramic Head or the Soft Head touches my body, its regular rhythm gives me the comfort. Furthermore, the Shinkiko energy changes the negative Ki to positive and this effect makes me feel sleepy.

When we get influenced by the negative Ki which is suffering and in pain , it prevents us to relax our feelings and bodies. However, the light of Shinkiko changes the negative Ki to positive and it will be easy to go away.

It is also important not to attract the negative K by thinking patiently and being optimistic and relieving the stress caused by the tough relationships and work.

I always get sleepy when I start some work.
I tried to re-motivate myself every time but now I have decided not to think too much because this may be one of the relaxing effects.
I am not sure whether it is good or bad. When I find out something in the future, I will let everybody know.

Sending and receiving Ki by delicious food

The TV news reported that the Obon holiday rush peaked yesterday, on the 11th  with trains, airplanes and expressways crowded with travelers to their hometowns or for vacations since morning.

Since the future of the Covid situation still remains unclear, I think there are a lot of people who chose not to go out considering the risk of infection even though the nationwide movement restrictions have been lifted for the first time in 3 years.

I am also the one who restricts the behaviors avoiding crowds unconsciously.

There may be some people who cannot visit their ancestor’s graves during this Obon period, but I hope they can send good Ki to their ancestors by thanking them because we can still send Ki even though we cannot visit them.

It may sound a little weird but I could visit my ancestor’s grave in my memory with the corn (It’s called Toukibi in Hokkaido) I had after breakfast.

The taste brought back the memory which was about my relatives gathering for the memorial service at the temple where our family’s graves were.

The temple offered a heap of Toukibi(corns) in hot weather and they were very delicious.

I was the oldest among children and my grandparents, parents and other relatives adored me very much.

This is a very good memory.

My grandmother often boiled and served Toukibi(corns) when I visited my grandparents’ house as well.

I spent every day playing outside until I was exhausted. This is also a happy memory of summer holidays in the countryside remembered with gratitude for my grandmother.

The memory of the taste is amazing and it makes us feel the scene and happiness at that time.

This means that our dark feelings can become bright with the food – Ki will change.

Furthermore, we can receive more positive Ki with the food by feeling the thoughts of producers.

When we lose our bodies, the dark feelings cannot change and will stay forever but they can change when we are alive and have our bodies.

I would like to write about another food I take recently. I am drinking the bitter melon juice with Shinkiko Bio after morning walk.

It is good and I introduced it on my YouTube video.

The bitter melons were sent from the farm and they were very fresh.

I make the juice by adding Shinkiko Bio-a probiotic drink containing gold powder with Ki invented by the late chairman to bitter melons.  

The late chairman thought that it was better to take in Shinkiko directly into our bodies rather than receiving from outside and then he made Shinkiko Bio for the people who couldn’t eat because of the disease like cancer.

You will get the better effect if you can take it with the late chairman’s thoughts.

Please try it.