Raise your Ki during the Golden Week (Holiday in Japan) !

 Golden Week is finally here! Have you made your plans yet? I heard a news report that the number of people is expected to increase for the first time in four years during this year’s Golden Week due to the continuous relaxation of measures against the coronavirus.

The large-scale events that have been forced to cancel will be brought back.

While the “With Corona” holiday season is progressing in a way that is compatible with measures against infection, the infection situation continues to remain high in all regions, and local governments are calling for thorough countermeasures.

By the way, according to a survey for this long holiday, many people said they would “do nothing” because it would be crowded wherever they go. 

I suggested in my Iki-Iki Radio and Youtube channel, “If you haven’t made any plans yet, why don’t you take this opportunity to go to a place where you can raise your Ki?” 

 In this youtube video, I introduced five places to enhance your Ki during this Golden Week.

The first is a nature park, where there are a lot of positive Ki.

The second is hot springs, where you can soak in the relaxing hot spring and increase your Ki energy.

Third is mountain climbing, hiking, and taking a walk in the forest, where you can feel the energy of nature and get a sense of accomplishment.

The fourth is to go to the seashore, where the beautiful view of the ocean and the sound of the waves will help to increase your Ki energy.

The last is S.A.S. in various locations, where you can receive powerful positive Ki, Shinkiko. 

 The first four are ways to receive positive Ki in nature.

The point here is that since you are going to a good place, it is very important to be in tune with the positive Ki.

I have been saying that Ki has a vibrational nature, and it is important to have a feeling of “pleasantness” or “beauty” which attracts positive Ki, just like tuning a radio channel to receive radio waves.

Therefore, it would be good if we could go to the above mentioned places, but even for those who cannot go, we can do various things to adjust our frequency to positive Ki, depending on our ideas.

(1) Appreciate flowers in flower pots or on the side of the road, which can be found even in urban areas, (2) feel a pleasant breeze in your garden, (3) watch the sunrise or sunset, (4) change the time you take a bath or play music, or change the atmosphere to make your bath time more relaxed, (5) recall the time you once traveled by looking at pictures, etc., and try to feel the positive Ki (6) Listen to your favorite music…etc. 

I hope you have a wonderful Golden Week.

The Reason We Cannot Attract Good Ki

Today, a 3-day/2-night Shinkiko Retreat Seminar started in Soja, Okayama, Japan.

I am planning to start by explaining the “Indicators for Mind Purification”.

Even if we receive a lot of positive Shinkiko energy, if we live with a mind that attracts more and more negative Ki, they will be offset and the positive Ki effect will not be as apparent as it should be.

This is because the Ki emitted from our minds is related to positive and negative Ki.

It can be hard to notice, but we should try to keep away from the negative Ki, little by little.

By the way, even if you receive positive Shinkiko energy, some people may not see the positive effects immediately, or some bad things may come out along with the good things.

Especially when negative Ki has a strong influence, it is difficult to bring out the positive effects of positive Ki.

Therefore, it is important to know the negative Ki and take countermeasures against it.

Here is what happened to a member.

Mr. A, who said he had been feeling stressed and unwell recently, told me in the session that his grandfather, Mr. B, had lost all of his land in gambling and was blamed by all his relatives and passed away.

The suffering soul came out of Mr. A’s mouth when I sent Ki to him.

Mr. B was still in regret and suffering, and this was causing Mr. A to feel stress easily, and gather more negative Ki.

But as he received Ki, because he became aware of Mr. B, the light reached him and became at ease, and passed away toward the light.

However, this is often not the end of the story.

In this case, the negative Ki that caused Mr.B to suffer, can exist deep inside.

When I asked Mr. A to be aware of this and sent Ki to him, a soul with resentment and envy from the old times came out through his mouth, saying, “You all monopolized the land.”

The resentful and envious soul became a strong negative Ki which caused Mr.B’s family to suffer.

In this way, when someone dies under difficult circumstances, not only the negative Ki attracted by that person, but also the negative Ki from his/her ancestors exists in layers, causing difficulties for the family.

The Ki transferring device is constantly sending us Shinkiko, but it is important for us to take our time and receive Ki with hope, and not be in a hurry for results.

Why Life Becomes Full of Problems

There are endless worries in life such as work, relationships, health, money, etc., and often we suffer from uncontrollable incidents that are not our fault.

I have been sending Ki to people who suffer from some sort of problem for more than 30 years.

What I have learned is that there are positive Ki that have a positive effect and negative Ki that has a seemingly negative effect, and we are affected by both, but when we are strongly affected by the negative Ki, our problems become endless.

Sometimes, due to the accumulation of minor stresses in our everyday lives, the influence of negative Ki becomes stronger without us knowing it, causing us to worry more, and our negative mind attracts even more negative Ki.

Furthermore, we can be influenced by the negative Ki in our family background from the time we were born, or even before that, and the seemingly bad events that it brings can cause us to fall into the negative loop mentioned above, which is difficult to escape from.

By the way, the energy of Shinkiko from the Universe easily absorbs into a person’s Ki, and when you receive it, you feel better, but not only that, it also absorbs into the positive and negative Ki around you.

As a result, negative feelings are reduced and good things happen more often, but the most notable thing is that some people who receive Shinkiko react in ways that even they do not expect, such as crying, making hand gestures, bowing, and talking without them knowing. 

This is because the effect of Ki became visible, but it has deepened my understanding of the spiritual world, which is not a religion or anything, but simply an area that science does not yet understand.


The stories of negative Ki and positive Ki souls that I have encountered so far by sending Shinkiko are introduced in the “Story of the Souls”

Enrich your Life with the Power of Shinkiko and Gratitude

Just like there are a lot of negative Ki in all of us, there are also a lot of positive Ki that work to support us, from our close surroundings to the creator of the universe, God.

I explain that the main difference between the nature of negative and positive Ki around us is that negative Ki gathers rapidly when it sees an opening, while positive Ki cannot be increased in a short time, although it can gradually become a stronger force.

Therefore, it is important to have feelings of gratitude on a daily basis to make it easier to attract positive Ki.

For example, we should be grateful for things such as having a healthy body, the existence of friends and family, or having good food.

Also, if you can honestly say “thank you” to those around you, you will receive positive Ki back from them, and by doing more things for others, you will receive good Ki and have more to be thankful for.

By sharing these feelings of gratitude with friends and family, you can increase each other’s gratitude and create a stronger bond, and by others you can expand your gratitude and make it a good cycle of positive Ki.

Furthermore, if a seemingly bad event occurs due to negative Ki working to drag us down, positive Ki is always trying hard to protect us with its constant energy, so in order to get in tune with the positive Ki, we need to find the good things that are “blessings in disguise” and remember to be grateful.

The late chairman used to say, “Everything has a meaning”.

Life is full of difficult times and trials, but even if you don’t understand it at the time, after overcoming them, you may realize that there was a meaning.

Even looking back on such experiences, you can feel the intention of the  positive Ki that exists on a higher level.

You can also be grateful for the people who supported you and the positive Ki that helped you grow.

In this way, there is no waste in life.

Even when you are bored, disgusted or in pain, it is up to you to realize the meaning of it.

There must be some meaning.

With the power of Shinkiko which transforms negative Ki into positive, and with the power of gratitude, you can learn more and make your life richer and happier.