Let’s raise our spirits and have more impressions

My son is now 7 months old, but perhaps because he is growing rapidly, the carrier has become too small. I chose a new baby carrier, regretting that I should have bought a better one from the beginning. Previous baby carriers were face-to-face types, but the new ones can be carried facing forward or on the back. When I walk outside with him in my arms while looking straight ahead, he seems to be happy, as he flaps his arms and legs and makes a fuss, “Kya, kya!” I end up saying “Aaaaa” out loud, which makes me a little embarrassed.

I wonder if I used to react to things this happily?   As we get older, perhaps our pain, patience, and perseverance have increased, or perhaps we have become less happy or happy, or perhaps we have gotten used to it, or our emotions no longer come to the fore, or we find it difficult to feel them.  From a Ki perspective, this is not good. We want to enjoy things that are fun, happy, excited, and excited as much as possible and collect good energy. It is especially important to be moved and say, “It’s beautiful.”

This awareness of beauty, being moved by it, and no matter how advanced science is, “What makes us feel beautiful?”   This is a story about “Ki,” an invisible energy that cannot be proven or quantified by science.”

When I was an office worker, I became unwell due to stress, and reluctantly took the Shinkiko Retreat seminar at the recommendation of my predecessor(my father). At that time, I received Shinkiko every day for a week, practiced various programs, listened to lectures on how to hold our mind, and the moment I left the venue after the lecture, I could see that I had completely changed. I did. Everything I saw was shining brightly… everything I saw and heard seemed fresh and beautiful, as if I had been holed up in the mountains for a long time. At the time, I was surprised to find that when I raised my Ki, I was able to perceive beauty even from the same stimuli from the outside world.

My predecessor(my father) said that the negative energy disappears and you become more innocent, but I think that the negative energy around you turns into light and surrounds you, making it easier to feel good energy. The Retreat seminar is currently being held over three days, and the energy of Shinkiko from outside and the positive Ki that comes from your heart will give light to your ancestors and become positive Ki that will watch over them. This is something you won’t understand unless you experience it, so if you’ve been moving away from beauty lately, please take the Shinkiko Retreat seminar. We’ll be expecting you.