Your Privacy Rights

Your Privacy Rights

1.The personal information collected by SAS Inc. is as follows.

  • (1) The personal information collected by us includes name, address, telephone number, date of birth, sex, e-mail address, credit code, bank account and details of transactions with the customer. This is basic information for identifying the customer.
  • (2) The personal information collected by us is information required for providing our products and services.
  • (3) The personal information collected by us is information required for providing our products and services.

2.We shall use personal information for the following purposes.

  • (1) Provision of desired services, products and related information
  • (2) Provision of after-sales care, new products and new services
  • (3) Sending of member newsletters and weekly news
  • (4) Confirmation of customers’registration information and bookings
  • (5) Responding to customer inquiries
  • (6) Notification and greetings concerning stores, such as the changing of staff members
  • (7) Confirmation of identity
  • (8) Emergencies

3.We shall obtain personal information using appropriate methods.

  • (1) We shall use appropriate methods to obtain personal information.
  • (2) We shall obtain personal information from the customer when personal information is provided by the customer in the following cases.
    • ① When the customer applies for the purchase of our products or uses its services.
    • ② When the customer cooperates with a survey by us.
    • ③ When the customer requests a catalog or other materials from us.
  • (3) In cases such as those mentioned above, we may collect basic personal information through questions. The purposes of this are as follows.
    • ① To provide products and services believed to be better suited to the customer.
    • ② To improve our products and services.
  • (4) The customer may make his/her own decision regarding whether or not to provide an answer to our questions when we attempt to collect information other than basic information on the customer.
  • (5) When obtaining personal information from a website operated by us, we shall encrypt the information using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to ensure the information is transmitted securely.
  • (6) We shall not obtain information from a third party where the third party has obtained personal information without authorization.
  • (7) When we receive an application from a customer aged less than 16 years old, we shall receive confirmation from the customer’s legal guardian.

4.We shall manage personal information with care.

  • (1) We shall manage personal information collected from the customers with responsibility and care.
  • (2) We shall prevent unauthorized access to personal information, in addition to the loss, damage, tampering and leaking of personal information. In order to achieve this, we shall train and raise the awareness of employees, and implement security measures in system, administrative procedural and facility aspects.
  • (3) We shall always endeavor to ensure that personal information is accurate and up-to-date wherever reasonable.
  • (4) When storage of personal information is no longer required for the purpose of its use, we shall promptly cease use and safely dispose of and delete said information.

5.We shall not provide personal information to any third party without the consent of the customer.

  • (1) We shall not provide personal information to any third party except in the following cases.
    • ① If the customer has consented to provision to a third party.
    • ② If we provide information to a third party announced in advance.
    • ③ If we are required to disclose information in accordance with laws and ordinances.
    • ④ If we seem it necessary to prevent the occurrence of material damage to the life, wellbeing, assets, etc. of the customer or a third party.
    • ⑤ If we receive an inquiry from a credit card company investigating unauthorized card use in an order paid by credit card.
  • (2) We may provide personal information to an outsource if our operations are outsourced to another Company. In such cases, said we shall be obliged to manage the information appropriately and securely in the same manner as we.

6.The handling of personal information with regard to credit information organization is as follows.

  • (1) In order to make an appropriate credit decision when the customer wishes to use us, we may refer to (inquire about) information on the customer with a credit information organization of which we are a member.
  • (2) We may use personal information that is registered with a credit information organization of which we are a member.。

7.We shall sincerely respond to disclosure,correction,deletion,complaints,etc.concerning personal information.

  • (1) We shall disclose any personal information the customer that it holds if a request is made by the customer or a representative authorized by the customer.
    【Specific method of disclosure】
    ① Before making a request for disclosure the customer should first contact the “Personal Information Hotline” shown below by telephone.
    ② Requests for disclosure shall be accepted via post.
    ③ Requests for disclosure should be accompanied by a publicly issued proof of the person’s identity (copy of license, copy of passport, copy of resident card, etc.).
    ④ A disclosure fee may be required to cover the actual expenses of the disclosure procedures.
    ⑤ The response shall be sent by registered mail within 10 business days.
    ⑥ If the personal information that we have disclosed contains any errors, we shall correct/delete the information accordingly. In such cases, the disclosure fee shall be refunded.
    ⑦ Disclosure may not be possible due to unavoidable reasons. In such cases, we shall respond with the reason disclosure is not possible.
  • (2) However, in cases such as the following, personal information may not be able to be disclosed in part or in whole.
    • ① If there is a risk of the occurrence of material damage to the life, wellbeing, assets, etc. of the customer or a third party.
    • ② If there is a risk of a severe interruption to the operation of our business, etc.
    • ③ If there is an error in the personal information disclosed to the customer, we shall promptly correct or delete said information.
    • ④ A fee may be required to cover the actual expenses related to the disclosure request from the customer.
    • ⑤ Persons who have questions regarding our Privacy Policy or the handling of personal information and persons who find any problems concerning our protection of personal information should contact the “Personal Information Hotline.”

      Personal Information Hotline
      Head Office Tel 81-3-5953-6750
      Personal Information Hotline staff.

8.The policy on cookies and the website is as follows.

  • (1) We may use cookies when the customer accesses our website. Cookies are a mechanism for sending data stored in the customer’s computer in order to provide content optimized for each customer, and are required n order for customers to be able to perform operations such as shopping. Although the customer’s computer can be identified using cookies, the customer cannot be identified.
    Most browsers used by customers are set to accept cookies by default. It is possible to disable cookies, but this may prevent our website and the services on the website from being used correctly.
  • (2) We may use cookie information obtained through the use of the website by the customer in conjunction with customer information held by us within the scope of the purpose of the information.
  • (3) Our website contains links to websites managed by other companies. The handling of personal information by websites managed by other companies is beyond the scope of our responsibility, and users should check the privacy policy of us managing each website. We shall not share any personal information with companies linked on the website without obtaining prior consent from the customer.