HG(High Genki)Type 3, 6 and 6 Mini specification changes

We have started a service to laser engrave the pyramid mark on Shinkiko large plates and Shinkiko frames, and we would like to thank you for the many applications.

From what I’ve heard from people who have experienced it, I think that laser engraving is somehow different from the traditional etching method. Is it good to hit a mark on a metal surface with a “light” called a laser? Was it good that I was able to accurately design the pyramid mark? Is a laser that can accurately depict marks better? I don’t really understand the cause, but it seems to have a positive effect either way.

Then, we received an inquiry from someone asking, “The laser engraving on the Shinkiko frame was good, so would it be possible to use it as a plate for the Hi Genki Type 3?” When I engraved it and said, “That’s good,” it looked very good, so I decided to use it.

Up until now, the Type 3 Plus has included two etched sheets with the pyramid mark, so you can just laser engrave them instead. Therefore, on either front or back of the two thick plates with the SAS triple mark etched on them, we laser engraved four pyramid marks, the same as on the HG card, just like on the large plate.

We will immediately change the specs from the newly shipped Hi Genki 3 Plus model to a laser-engraved type instead of the pyramid mark etching sheet.

In addition, since it can be applied to Type 6 and 6 Mini models in the same way, we have decided to change the specifications of these to laser engraved types for the next shipment. Please note that laser engraving will create a golden-yellow burnt mark on top of the silvery metal color, which will change the appearance of the item.

In addition, for those who already have a Type 3 or Type 3 Plus, we will begin an additional engraving service for four HG cards. This is possible even for those who have fully upgraded from Type 3 Plus. Until May 20th, the upgrade fee for one level will be 49,500 yen, and after that it will be 77,000 yen (cash special price 70,000 yen), the same as the large plate.

This laser engraving service was started with the hope that as much light as possible will reach those who are engraving their large plates by the spring equinox. The large plates will be available until the 20th of this month, but will start again in July for Obon. Also, since it takes a lot of time to ship Shinkiko frames, we will not set a deadline. In addition, the plates included in the stretch mats sold in the past can be engraved in the same manner as the large plates, and the engraving will last indefinitely, so please use them.