The importance of facing yourself

Last weekend, we held a Shinkiko Retreat seminar in Kyushu.  I feel that a great deal of light has reached places that are connected to each and every participant.  Thank you everyone.

I think there are still some negative spirits waiting for the light, but the many souls who have become light this time will provide further support.

I want you to use your will and consciousness firmly and aim for even greater heights.

Especially in recent Retreat seminar, I hope to be able to receive powerful Shinkiko and convey this “importance of facing oneself”.

During seminar, I use special plates with laser-engraved light heads and pyramid marks, which dramatically increases the amount of Ki energy that comes into me.

Because of this, “what you think, what you are conscious of, and what kind of actions you take” have a great deal to do with the speed at which light reaches negative energy.

We discuss this not only in Retreat seminar, but also in Shinkiko lessons, so if you have any concerns, consultation, or questions, please contact us.

The next Shinkiko lesson will be distributed from KÌPLACE on April 7th (Sun).

[Notice]–The pyramid mark will also be engraved on the Shinkiko plate—

We have received many requests for laser engraving on Shinkiko plates, so starting today we will begin a service that will engrave the same pyramid mark on Shinkiko plates as on HG cards.

By engraving the name of the person you wish to send energy to, the Shinkiko plate will automatically deliver the energy of Shinkiko to that person.

This time, by laser-engraving the pyramid mark on the plate, the amount of Ki energy that reaches the person engraved through the person holding the plate will greatly increase, so we can expect even more effects.

In the case of the Shinkiko plate, it is possible to laser engrave two sides: the side with the inscription “May the light reach you” and the side with the SAS triple mark etched.

I am often asked, “If I want to engrave just one side, which one should I do?”, and my answer is, “It would be better to engrave the name on top.”  The price is 19,800 yen per page(side).

Also, if the surface of the Shinkiko plate has many scratches or dirt, it will be difficult to engrave with a laser.

Please be aware that the pyramid mark may become unclear and the effectiveness may be reduced. (If you are concerned, we recommend replacing it with a new one.)