Experienced by positive energy

Last week, I started a YouTube live show with journalists Mr. and Mrs. Oharada under the title “The world of Ki that we experienced.” For me, I get to hear interesting stories about experiences with my predecessors, so every time I think of them, I think, “Ah, that’s what I said,” and I learn a lot from them, but I also enjoy doing it.

Yesterday too, Mr. Oharada talked about how he reacted to the energy of his predecessor. My predecessor and I went to treat the radiation victims of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident in Russia, and we exchanged energy with about 10 people. Then I started moaning and felt embarrassed but couldn’t stop myself, but in the end I felt refreshed as something seemed to come out of me. I also went to the Shinkiko Retreat seminar, and my body felt completely relaxed. At that time, I felt that a lot of my negative energy went towards the light, and that’s when I finally started to understand more about Ki.   As the saying goes, seeing is believing, and once you experience Ki in some form, it becomes much easier to understand. Behind the scenes, there is probably a negative energy that hates the light of Shinkiko, and a positive energy that is trying to help people understand and use Shinkiko.

In the end, I think I was able to experience many different things and was able to listen honestly to what my predecessors were saying. It seems that not only me but Mr. Oharada received a lot of support, and even though he had doubts about ki at first, he was able to understand it naturally due to just the right experience… Mr. Oharada’s story was very interesting. That’s why.

Negative energy may seem like it has nothing to do with you, but everyone is affected by it in some way. In that sense, the first thing to do is to have many experiences of receiving Ki. I think this will strengthen the support of positive energy and make it easier to understand.

When experiencing Ki, try not to think too much about logic in your head, and if you feel something, simply try to adopt Shinkiko.

Also, the negative energy that exists around us tries to pull us towards the dark side when we see an opening. Therefore, I would like people who have had a good experience with Shinkiko to continue receiving Shinkiko. I, too, would like to receive the Shinkiko firmly so that I can find a place to direct my consciousness and receive the support of positive Ki even more easily.

Next Thursday from 19:30, I would like to broadcast from Miyajima, Hiroshima Prefecture, where the Shinkiko Retreat seminar will be held. If you are interested, please click here