Shinkiko – Not to be defeated by the heat

It has been really hot these days as if summer has come suddenly.
When I walked outside with a face mask on, my head started feeling fuzzy and I tried to take a break under a tree and drink more water than usual to prevent a heat stroke.
I feel very grateful to the people who have to work outside in this heat, for example, the people who guide us at road works or parking lots and the people working at construction sites and doing delivery.

It will become difficult to move our bodies as we want under this environment.
Not only our bodies but also our conciousness will get distracted and we can cause troubles at work or get injured.
It is important to be more careful (Ki wo tsukete) than usual and take a necessary break.

In this heat, we tend to spend too much time in the room with air conditioner or have a lot of cold food.
When we take something too much than usual, our bodies will take it as an abnormoality and our everyday routine will fall apart.
It is impotant for us to look into this situation and control it.
We will get influenced more easily by negative Ki when we have more negative environmental factors around us.
I hope that everybody will try to receive Shinkiko well in our daily lives.

There are the positive Ki with high energy and the negative Ki with low energy around us.
Among negative Ki, there are souls which lost their bodies with painful feeling.
A long time ago, there was no air conditioner but people still had to work under the hot weather.
There were people who died with painful feeling at that time.
Those people have become negative Ki and influence us even though they don’t mean it.
They are hoping that we understand their suffering since we are also suffering from the heat.
Our bodies and minds will suffer more when we are influenced by them.

There are actually negative Ki looking forward to a chance to disturb us, the living people so that we also fail because the things didn’t go well when they died.
They try to make bad things happen to us when we let our guard down in this heat.

If we feel irritated, mad, frustrated and worried about our health and even feel lazy to receive Ki in this hot weather, it may be because of negative Ki’s influence.
I hope that everyone will receive Shinkiko well in our daily lives and try not to be defeated by the negative Ki in times like this.