Ki dwelling in things and the effect of Shinkiko

Lately, my wife has been into herbs since she heard that they are good for autonomic nerves.
When we get irritated or nervous, the autonomic nerves (sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves) will be disturbed and the sympathetic nerve will be dominant. If we get irritated too much, the balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves will be lost.
Of course, Shinkiko is very effective to keep this balance well.
In my wife’s case, the sympathetic nerve tends to be dominant and I create the problems which make her irritated, too…
I just hoped that she could get the better balance by taking in anything.

However, she felt sick and vomited after she drank the herb.
When she took the half amount, she didn’t vomit but still felt sick.
She thought it might be one of the effects of the herb because she couldn’t get irritated and feel sick at the same time and continued drinking it. She also wants to finish it otherwise it will be a waste..
I suggested that she put the herb on the High Genki Type 3 plus.

After a while, she said “Something has changed after I put the herb on the High Genki.” It looks like she doesn’t feel sick now.
I think this has something to do with Ki.
Herbs and medicines and household appliances and any other things have invisible Ki which cannot be explained by modern science other than the material part.
The material part such as ingredients may be good but the negative Ki is dwelling in Ki part. When the people who are prone to the negative Ki drink it, they may feel sick.

The late chairman once talked about the diamond ring. It was from the pawn shop and the person who bought and wore it became sick. It was because sad and negative Ki of the former owner dwelled in it.

If the people who produce, distribute, sell and use have the negative consciousness and feelings, this negative Ki will dwell in the things. The negative Ki of dead people can be also involved.
On the other hand, the positive Ki dwells in the things when we appreciate and take good care of them.

Recently, the word ‘Fairtrade’ is often heard.
The Fairtrade is the movement to encourage a fair price trade and help financially and socially vulnerable producers in developing countries improve their quality of life with the appropriate wages.
This is great in terms of Ki.
Using High Genki and other Ki items will reduce the negative Ki dwelling in the things and even can change negative Ki to positive.
I hope that everyone will use Shinkiko not only on people but also on things.