To learn from negative Ki

Shinkiko Retreat Seminar at Sanganesan in Aichi started today.
The participants always come with the consciousness seeking a change for the better.
This is very important in terms of Ki.

I believe that the mind and the consciousness cannot be measured by modern science but have some functions and these are the invisible energy, Ki.
For example, the things we are thinking become real or we experience ‘Fight-or-flight response’ in an emergency when our consciousness is concentrated.
This energy has the amount and we can direct it to certain directions.
If you have someone you like, you will send the positive Ki, your affection to that person and the stronger your feeling, the more Ki energy you send.
The mind and consciousness have the volume and we can direct them to the objects.

By the way, when we want to change for the better, we can go forward by finding something we lack and overcoming it.
Our shortcomings or flaws and negative parts attract the negative Ki and influence the negative Ki related to us.

Therefore, finding our flaws and trying to overcome them is sending positive feelings to relating negative Ki.
Furthermore, we receive a lot of Shinkiko, positive Ki from universe at Shinkiko Retreat Seminar and this Shinkiko will be added to our own positive feelings and we can easily change for the better.

We tend to think that the negative Ki is bad but it is not true.
Everyone is influenced by the negative Ki but we can change for the better when we notice it.
Trying to find the negative Ki influencing us is the key for us to grow.
By using this Shinkiko, the negative Ki will change to the positive Ki which is the energy supporting us and it will help the negative Ki in the depths change to the positive state.
We should stop thinking negative Ki as a bad thing. It is important for us to understand what the negative Ki is and try to change our thoughts and acts in the better way.