Let’s feel the support of the bright(positive) Ki

Shinkikoan-Akari’ (an=hermitage) started its operation in Aira-shi, Kagoshima on June 9th.
I wrote about the process of establishment of ‘Akari’ on vol.1233, March 25th.
I now visit the centers on Shinkiko lesson day once a month.
When I visited the Kumamoto center last month, I went to Kagoshima as well.
Please watch my YouTube video, ‘Not because of your mind, but because of Ki ‘ on this visit.
Ms. Kawachi’s brother and his wife visited us on that day and I had a chance to interview them. (Ms.Kawachi is the staff of ‘Akari.’)
I couldn’t put everything in 1 video but I will upload another video later.

By the way, according to Ms. Kawachi, when she was receiving Shinkiko, her late mother appeared and said to her ‘I wanted you to use this house.’
Today, I’ll explain about Ki and Shinkiko based on this story.

I define the energy which is invisible and unmeasurable by modern science but has some functions as ‘Ki.’

Ki is everywhere and we can feel it.
It may be easy for you to think that Ki is an invisible light.
Bright Ki makes you feel better and dark Ki makes you feel negative.
The fresh feeling in nature, the unpleasant atmosphere, thoughts and feelings are also Ki.
There is Ki, energy of life in our bodies and this Ki will remain in this world even after we die and our bodies disappear.

Shinkiko is ‘Ki’ in the space and the universe and it can be taken out using Ki transferring machine and other Ki items. We know by experience that it increases the amount of Ki inside us.
When we receive Shinkiko, Ki inside us is heightened(brighter) and bright Ki around us also increases. We will get more help from this bright Ki by receiving Shinkiko all the time.
Then, we become more sensitive to Ki around us and we sometimes talk on behalf of Ki, souls or spirits.
Ms. Kawachi’s mother had a very strong will and talked about the house.
The souls with bright Ki have a large amount of energy and can do a lot of things.
Ms. Kawachi’s mother not only told her children her thoughts but might have planned a lot of things for a long time.
Ki reaches to our ancestors when we receive Shinkiko and eventually we will get more support from them. We should try to find good things and send our ancestors bright Ki, gratitude.