Shinkiko-The energy penetrating into our souls

Yesterday morning, I heard the news that my best friend passed away. I am so consumed by grief realizing that I won’t see him again.
We spent so much time together during junior high, cram school and university days and we learnt a lot of things.
After graduation, He sometimes visited me and talked about the interesting memories. Thanks to him, I always had fun and he was a very considerate man.
He was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago and we couldn’t see each other because of Covid-19 pandemic but we managed to keep in touch by e-mail.
I was worried about him since I didn’t hear from him for a while when I got the news.
I really feel sad and regret that I couldn’t do anything for him although he gave me a lot of things.

What I can do right now is receiving Shinkiko and sending it to him.
I take in Shinkiko energy, an invisible light and send it to him while listening to Onki with High Genki machine on my chest.

We, human beings have Ki energy, invisible light in our bodies.
We lose our physical bodies some day but Ki energy with our minds(consciousness) will remain in this world.
Consciousness continues to exist and it won’t change suddenly with our death.
If it is going through a hard time and feeling a lot of pain , it will be a dark mass and stay that way.
It is more difficult for them to move on than living people do.
That’s why living people visit ancestors’ graves or hold memorial services to console them.
The souls can go to the world of light like heaven freely when they feel positive with Ki energy.

Shinkiko is the invisible light energy from universe and started when the late chairman made Ki transferring High Genki machine after the white-bearded old man taught him how to make it in his dream.
This machine takes out energy from the space and helps the energy to penetrate into not only our souls but the bodiless souls and elevate the energy level.
Furthermore, anyone will be able to emit Ki by receiving Shinkiko intensively.
When we send Shinkiko to others, they sometimes start talking unexpected things and I think this is because souls make them do it.
I now understand how the souls work and the role of Shinkiko energy.

The deceased will not be able to go to the world of light if the bereaved are grieving forever.
Shinkiko is the energy penetrating into our souls and saves people like me who lost the best friend.
I will receive Shinkiko myself and I will try my best to support his departure for the world of light.