Get to know the Ki environment around you

I go for a walk on sunny days when I have time. I’m walking with my son in a carrier, and I’m doing some strength training as well, so I’m focusing not only on my leg muscles, but also on my abdominal and back muscles. I like the nearby park because it has a good atmosphere and allows me to relax.  Many people say they feel good energy in places with abundant nature, such as mountains and the sea. However, if you look closely at urban rivers, you will see schools of small fish being caught by kingfishers and herons, and turtles happily drying their shells on large stones.  Scenes like this make you forget your daily hustle and bustle and make you feel at ease, so I think it’s important to try to focus on good energy no matter where you are.

By the way, in the Shinkiko Master Training, you watch my lecture videos, fill out a worksheet, and receive consultation and advice from me and my staff to pass the exam step by step. Having the children fill out this worksheet is a great way to help them become more conscious of Ki.

In the master training, STEP 1 of the 12 steps explains negative energy and positive energy.

We are influenced by the positive and negative energy around us, and when we are influenced by positive energy, we tend to experience positive changes in our minds and bodies, such as feeling brighter and more relaxed. When you are influenced by negative energy, you are more likely to experience negative changes in your mind and body, such as feeling depressed, irritable, and having unpleasant feelings.

Furthermore, if your feelings match the wavelength of negative energy and you have a lot of negative feelings, you will be drawn more and more towards them.  It is a good idea to focus on positive energy.

Also, if you have been influenced by negative energy in the past, it may still affect your present, so remember the past and focus on that while receiving Shinkiko energy.

Basically, I recommend going back from the present to the past and examining the negative and positive Ki around you, as this will help you understand the Ki environment and increase the effectiveness of receiving Shinkiko light.