Tomorrow is another day – The wind blows differently tomorrow

I held the Shinkiko Retreat Seminar in Aso last weekend.
Aso has a very long history and I felt that not only the participants but also a lot of related people including their ancestors received Shinkiko.
Thank you very much for participating in the seminar.

By the way, the reaction to “Favorable turn” occurs to a lot of participants during the first 2days at the seminar regardless of the number of participation.
There were some participants who experienced this reaction at Aso seminar.
They might have experienced “Favorable turn” when the negative Ki changed to positive and things got better by receiving Ki continuously even though they went through a bad condition with their bodies and minds along the way.

However, not only when we are participating in the seminar but also when we have difficulties in our lives, we worry about what will happen next and feel down because of the uncertainty of the future.
Even I who have seen, heard and experienced the reaction to favorable turn many times can be tormented by anxiety when there are too many problems with my body and mind or around me and I feel mentally pressured.
We never know what will happen in the future.
This is beyond our control and we can just try to do whatever we can do right now and prepare well for the future.
We understand that but there are times when the negative Ki influences us and makes us anxious.

If we cannot sleep at night thinking what will happen tomorrow, things will get worse.
When it happens, I tell myself that “Tomorrow is another day(The wind blows differently tomorrow)” and I think this saying is just right.

Kotowaza(proverb) dictionary says that “It is waste of time to wonder how the wind blows because the wind changes direction easily and head winds can become tail winds.”
This proverb has been used since the Edo period.

Everyone has the support from the positive Ki but the negative Ki sometimes strongly influences us and we face bad things and situations at such times.
By “looking for good points” and feeling brighter and trying not to attract the negative Ki, we can overcome bad situations more quickly.
There may be more negative Ki’s influence to the people who worry too much.
I hope those people to receive Shinkiko well and move on with this proverb.