What is Shinkiko?What is Shinkiko?
Information about history of Shinkiko and the power of Shinkiko

Introduction of Ki Products

Introduction of Ki Products

Ki Products for Everyone

Ki Products for Everyone

SAS Sticker:Product photo

SAS Sticker
Due to the design of this sticker, the energy of Shinkiko is efficiently gathered. Shinkiko’s Ki energy is transmitted through the sticker, and the Ki energy spreads out around it. By attaching the stickers, you can reduce the negative Ki influences. Use the stickers not only on personal items such as pocketbooks, stationery, name tags, watches, cosmetics, wallets, cell phones, and various electronics but also on the four corners of bedrooms and living rooms, the Entrance Hall, windows, etc.
Stickers have three sizes: large, medium, and small, but the size does not affect the amount of Ki energy.
Size: Large, Small(10 stickers in one sheet)
■Price: 2,200 yen
■Large size: 53 mm (H) x 18 mm (W)
■Small size: 20 mm (H) x 6 mm (W)

Ki Hologram Sticker:Product photo

Ki Hologram Sticker
Twelve SAS Sticker figures are printed on a single hologram sticker.
Consequently, the amount of Ki energy becomes larger than that of the SAS Sticker.
The stickers are recommended to place on your car, bicycle, or important items where you want to avoid negative Ki influence.
■Price: 3,300 yen (Five stickers)
■Size: 13mm(H) x 13mm (W)

Ki Spot Titanium Sticker:Product photo

Ki Spot Titanium Sticker
The entire backside of the sticker is covered with a specially processed “titanium carbide,” which is highly compatible with Shinkiko energy. The frequency of Shinkiko is memorized in it. Titanium carbide is believed to improve physical performance, ease pain, and relax muscles. It is also a popular material used by sports athletes. The surface is printed with the “氣(Ki)” logo using gold leaf to gather the Ki energy of Shinkiko. Place it where you have pain or tension, where it bothers you, where it is easily affected by negative Ki, on the pressure points to maintain good health, or where it is used frequently.
■Price: 1,100 yen

Quartz Pendant with cord:Product photo

Quartz Pendant with cord
The Quartz Pendant is made of natural crystal. It is engraved with the word “真氣光(Shinkiko)” to transmit the Shinkiko frequency constantly. It works as an antenna to transmit Shinkiko energy from the universe and protect you from the negative vibrations of the surroundings. It is small and light, so the weight does not bother you. You can receive Ki energy support anytime and anywhere, including at home, work, the hospital, away from home, and even when traveling.
■Size: 30mm (L) x 22mm (W)
■Price: 4,400 yen

Onki Healing Music CD:Product photo

Onki Healing Music CD (20 min.)
Onki is a Ki product memorizing the energy of Shinkiko in instrumental music. You can easily receive Ki energy by listening through earphones or other devices. Listen to it during lunchtime, short breaks, commuting to the office/school, before bed, or during meditation to relax and relieve fatigue. When playing it through speakers, Shinkiko’s Ki energy spreads out into space with the sound, thus decreasing the influence of negative Ki on the room and the building.
■Price:3,300 yen

As Ki Transmitters,

As Ki Transmitters,

Two types of Ki Transmitters: High-Genki and High-Genki Mini receive and transmit Shinkiko’s Ki energy from space consistently and efficiently. These devices gather strong energy from the universe to their owners and the connected head devices, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with or without electricity. The Ki transmitter has two functions: the “main unit function” of gathering Ki energy to an individual or a group of people and the “head function” of letting the gathered energy penetrate the human body. A High-Genki has the main unit function of gathering Shinkiko energy for a broader range, such as the owner’s family, ancestors, or corporation.

On the other hand, High-Genki Mini gathers energy only for a specific individual (the registered person). SAS Inc. provides owners of these Ki Transmitters (Multiple persons within the second-degree family members can be registered for each High-Genki device registration) with free access to local centers and members’ websites, discounts on Ki products and seminars, and ensuring parts replacement and its discounts. The membership plan (¥7,700/year, required for the first year) is annually renewed

High-Genki Mini P-Type:Product photo

High-Genki Mini P-Type
High-Genki Mini P-Type has a single thin-plate sheet with the engraved triple SAS logos inside the acrylic case. This is the least expensive personal Ki transmitter with a reduced number of parts by integrating the 50-point head on the top end. Although the head customization is unavailable, it can be upgraded to High-Genki mini, etc.
■Sise: D28.1mm x L122mm approx. Weight:105g
■Price: 86,900 yen

High-Genki Mini Plus:Product photo

High-Genki Mini Plus
High-Genki Mini Plus is a personal Ki transmitter. It contains thin-plate sheets with engraved triple SAS logos and flat pyramids with a head function inside the acrylic case. This unit alone can gather Shinkiko energy from space and supply it to the human body or other objects with direct contact. Several heads can be combined at the tip, including Point Head, Mini Roller Head, and White Head. The synergistic effect created by the exchangeable structure makes it even easier to absorb the energy of Shinkiko. Upgrading to High-Genki 6 is also possible.
■Size: D28.1mm x L105mm approx. Weight: 80g
■Price 104,500 yen

Power-Up Service
We offer a power-up service so the user can receive the maximum amount of Shinkiko energy.
For High-Genki Mini Plus and P-Type, the main unit functions are empowered by installing an additional power unit inside and increasing the number of triple SAS logos by a digit.
This allows High-Genki Mini to gather Shinkiko energy around a specific individual, no matter where it is located or who is using it.
■Price 173,250 yen

High-Genki Type-6:Product photo

High-Genki Type-6
High-Genki Type-6 is a Ki Transmitter for family use. A thin-plate sheet engraved with 10,000 triple SAS logos and another sheet with engraved flat pyramids for the head function is inserted inside the acrylic case. Using it with electrical heads increases the Ki absorption rate in your body.
■Size:D70mm × H150mm Weight: 460g
■Price: 277,200yen

High-Genki Type-3 Plus:Product photo

High-Genki Type-3 Plus
High-Genki Type-3 Plus is a Ki Transmitter for family use. The bi-fold metal case contains a plate engraved with 10,000 triple SAS logos. It also has a thin-plate sheet engraved with flat pyramids for the head function, twice the amount of Type-6, and four electrical terminals to connect with the head. You can turn on up to four heads simultaneously and use them to increase the absorption rate of Ki energy into your body by further stimulation. Additionally, you can remotely send Shinkiko energy by placing a photo or other item on a plastic plate inside the case.
■Size: W160mm x H200mm x H48mm Weight: 1.1Kg
■Price 352,000 yen
Power Up Service
Power-up service is available for High-Genki Type-6 and Type-3.
The main unit function becomes more powerful by adding an extra power unit and increasing the number of triple SAS logos by one digit. As a result, Shinkiko energy is firmly gathered in the family, ancestors, and the corporation.
■Price: 231,000 yen

High-Genki Type-7:Product photo

High-Genki Type-7
High-Genki Type-7 is a Ki Transmitter that concentrates the Shinkiko energy beam onto the tip in a maximum way. Inside an acrylic cylinder (40 mm in diameter), a thin sheet of 40 microns with engraved triple SAS logos and another sheet with engraved flat pyramids for the head function is sealed. A white ceramic component and 200 rolled thin-plate of flat pyramids are sealed inside a stainless steel cap, where the energy is concentrated. Eliminating the electrical function of High-Genki 6 with its power unit, so it is smaller and easier to hold in your hand, and the head function is enhanced in a maximum way (by two digits more than the regular head).
Hold the acrylic cylinder in your hand and apply the stainless steel cap to a place where negative Ki energy is intense. No electrical function is available.
■Size: D43mm x H132mm Weight: 660g
■Price: 1,111,000 yen

High-Genki Type-8:Product photo

High-Genki Type-8
High-Genki Type-8 is one of the Ki transmitters with the largest amount of Ki, maximizing the head’s ability to permeate the body with Ki energy. 40-micron thin sheet with engraved triple SAS logos and another sheet with engraved flat pyramids for the head function is sealed between the metal and acrylic plates to gather Ki energy powerfully. Shinkiko energy spreads out from the flat device towards any direction, so Ki energy reaches a much wider range. No lectrical function is available.
■Size: W320mm x D240mm x T7mm Weight: 1.5kg
■Price 1,877,700 yen

Head Function Products

Head Function Products

Products with head function are designed to receive energy supply from High-Genki or High-Genki Mini, with or without a cable connection. By placing it in our body, Shinkiko energy efficiently penetrates inside. Different types are available depending on the amount of Ki and how you want to use it. Please choose the one you can use frequently and easily in your everyday life.

Mini Stick Head
A small, lightweight head. Conveniently portable, it is usually used as a pendant top, so you can receive Ki anytime. Using the holder for Mini Stick, you can attach optional handles or arm handles. There are three different types, 50x, 500x, and C-type with ceramic on the tip, depending on the Ki volume, and upgrades are available from lower to higher grades. No electrical function is available.
■Size: D13mm x L39mm Weight: 20g
■Made of titanium
■Price from 74,800 yen
Stick Head
Portable and stick-shaped small head for multi-purpose use. When connected to High-Genki Type-3 Plus or Type-6 with a cable and powered on, the device vibrates to stimulate your senses and increase the absorption rate of Ki energy. By attaching an optional handle, you can use it on acupuncture points or massage your hands or face. There are three different types,B1, B2, and B3, depending on the Ki volume, and upgrades are available from lower to higher grades.
■Size: 17 mm (D) x 90 mm (L) Weight 130g
■Price from 81,400 yen
White Ceramic Head
The head has special ceramics on the periphery of the vibration generator, radiating heat as far-infrared waves. Connect it to High-Genki Type-3 Plus or Type 6 with a cable and turn it on to stimulate your senses through comfortable vibrations and heat. Shinkiko’s Ki energy penetrates deeply into your body. Also, by attaching an optional roller handle, you can roll it over your body for massage. (It is powered on, but the vibration feature is unavailable.)
■Size: D25mm x L80mm Weight: 150g
■Price 308,000 yen
Soft Head
A stick-shaped sponge contains two vibration generators inside. Connecting it to High-Genki Type-3 Plus or Type-6 with a cable and turning it on produces a larger vibration than a Stick Head. It stimulates your senses through comfortable vibrations, and Shinkiko’s Ki energy penetrates deeply into your body. Its soft surface allows it to be placed on your bed or under your body. You can attach it to Shinkiko Supporter products(for neck/head and waist) with clips on both ends to easily receive Ki energy to your head, shoulders, and waist even while sitting.
■Size: D35mm x L215mm approx. Weight: 210g
■made of urethane sponge
■Price: 187,000 yen

Point Head:Product photo

Point Head
Independent head with just the tip part of Stick Head. Please attach it to High-Genki Mini Plus,an optional arm handle or handle, and place it on your body. There are two types depending on the amount of Ki, 50x and C-type with ceramic on the tip. It is not powered on to vibrate.
Price from 39,050 yen

Mini Roller Head:Product photo

Mini Roller Head
Two stick head tips are mounted on a V-shaped bar and designed to rotate. Attach it to High-Genki Mini Plus, an optional arm handle or handle, and you can roll it around to massage your body. There are two types, 50x and C-type with ceramic on the tip, depending on the amount of Ki. It is not powered on to vibrate.
■Price from 110,550 yen

Disk Head:Product photo

Disk Head
The surface of this disc-shaped head is made of a special ceramic, and the reverse side is made of stainless steel. It is thinner and lighter than other heads while keeping the same amount of Ki energy that other ceramic devices emit. So you can easily place it where you need Ki energy or stick it on your body with a bandage. You can also use it as a pendant top with an optional ring.
■Size: D30mm x T3.9mm Weight :17g
■Price 97,900 yen