What is Shinkiko?

What is Shinkiko?

Shinkiko energy is one of the various universal energies, which has a vibrational nature and which heightens our life energy (Ki).

The energy reduces our various stresses and makes us feel relaxed. And it makes us healthy and feel light in mind, and heightens our energy enabling us to give a good influence around us.

What is Ki?
Ki is written as氣(or 気) in Japanese. There are many words that include this character, such as 元気(vigor),病気(sickness),雰囲気(atmosphere),陽気(gaiety) and so on; they show that there has been a concept of Ki since early times in Japan. Ki is said to be the foundation of all things: plants, animals, places, objects, etc. Everything has Ki. Ki is intangible, and cannot be measured by science; it is the general term for invisible energies.
The Ki inside the body
The closest Ki to you is the Ki inside your body. It has been said that if this Ki lowers, we become sick, and if it returns normal, we become well again. The Ki, the body and the mind are closely related with each other. When we get tired, we go to the beach or go hiking in the mountains or take a walk in the woods or take baths in hot springs for a change. There are a lot of good Kis in nature; they heighten our impaired Ki.
Shinkiko energy gives extra energy
We, the modern people cannot always wile away and relax in nature with no stress, since we have to go to work or school. Usually, when our Ki lowers, we get symptoms such as stiff shoulders, easily getting tired, feeling down and so on. If we fall sick triggered by something, we worry about it and feel stress, and our Ki lowers more. The Shinkiko energy can be received anywhere, anytime you want; it is good for busy modern people to supply energy.

How to receive Shinkiko Energy

Absorbing the energy directly into your body
In this case, you tune in yourself to the energy reached from outer space and take in it to your body directly. Some skill is required to perform this method. S.A.S. provides Shinkiko Energy training courses to train people who want to learn the skill.
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Using Apparatus transmits a cosmic healing Ki and Shinkiko Ki-energized products
This method uses some goods to convert cosmic energy into the wavelength that you can smoothly absorb. We call them “Shinkiko Ki-energized products” and “High Genki Apparatus transmits a cosmic healing Ki”. The fact that you can use those goods is one of characteristics of Shinkiko Energy. Anyone can take in easily the steady Shinkiko Energy by using them.
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