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Frequently Asked Questions

The followings are some frequently asked questions with their answers.   Please read before contacting us.

Is there any difference between the conventional Kikou (Chinese Qigong) and the Shinkiko?


The Shinkiko energy, which comes from the universe, can be received by anyone without a particularly intense training. Just like a TV can catch a certain TV signal from various radio waves in the air, Shinkiko goods work like a receiver. They catch the energy from the universe and allow anyone to receive it at anytime they want.

I don’t feel uncomfortable with Kikou (or Qigong) therapists emitting Ki, but I do with objects. It sounds suspicious. How can the High Genki apparatus and the Shinkiko goods transfer Ki?


After High Genki apparatuses and Shinkiko goods are made by a manufacturer, they go through a process called Ki ire (literally meaning putting in Ki), which enables them to emit Ki. Although the High Genki apparatus detects acupressure points and vibrates by electricity, it does not emit Ki by electricity: it becomes able to emit Ki by having been put in Ki. Things that are said to emit Ki have been used since early times in Japan; amulets and charms sold at shrines and Buddhist statues made by mighty masters are good examples of them.

Is it difficult to use the High Genki apparatus and Shinkiko goods? Do you need to have any knowledge of acupressure points or Oriental medicine to use them?


Basically, no matter how you use them, you can receive Ki from them. The High Genki apparatus has an acupressure point sensor, so you don’t have to look for acupressure points yourself (no knowledge of acupressure points is needed). The High Genki does not produce Ki with electricity, so please apply the High Genki applicator to the affected areas on your body without connecting the applicator and the body of the apparatus with a connecting cord. Also, you can receive Ki, by just sitting down with the High Genki applicator on your lap or lying down with the applicator on your abdomen.

I am thinking about doing Shinkiko; what sort of things do I have to bear in mind before starting?


Diseases and bad lucks have to do with the influence of negative Ki. In most cases, there isn’t just one negative Ki involving; many negative Kis are intricately interrelated with each other, and it varies depending on each individual. Some people are very Ki-sensitive, but some are not. When people receive Ki, the negative Ki in anyone will disappear gradually, but the time when the effect becomes apparent, varies in each person. So, from an early stage, I would like you to receive Ki continuously whether you feel doubtful or not. Especially at first, some people may experience a favorable turn reaction: they may feel sluggish or sick. In such a case, continue receiving Ki; if you receive it more intensively by using our centers, etc., the reaction will disappear quicker.

I am suffering from a disease which is designated as an intractable disease in Japan. What are the odds that I will recover from it?


We never say to anyone that any disease will be cured for sure, for legal reasons. Also, symptoms vary from individual to individual, even within the same disease, and it is difficult to judge whether it is curable or not. But we believe that, anyone has a power to heal on their own, and that if a treatment suits you, you will not have to give up. You can read many testimonials of the people who tried Shinkiko energy at our centers around the country, so I would like you to go through them first. We also offer you an intensive trial course (one month free pass) for J.Yen12,000. You will be able to experience the effect of the energy much easier if you receive the energy continuously with minimum breaks in between. With this free pass, you can receive the energy as many times as you want for a month. We would like you to fully try it and see the effect of it, and judge on your own.

Isn’t there anyone who got sick and also who died despite receiving Shinkiko energy?


Receiving Shinkiko energy will not make you completely free from diseases. But it often happens that when sick people receive Shinkiko, they are given hope, and the hearts of them and of their family become light. The Shinkiko energy works on the life energy (the part that has been called aura or spirit since early times) inside our body and heightens it. As a result, your state of mind and feeling will change or your body will feel relaxed.

I think Kikou is for curing diseases, whereas Shinkiko energy is said to be effective for things other than diseases. Can you explain?


Around us, there are many things caused by the influence of negative Ki, such as being unable to grasp the meaning of life; being unable to have motivation; bad lucks like accidents happening to you and the people around you; and experiencing psychic phenomena.   Shinkiko is an energy which will be stored in the soul of a Ki receiver, and by receiving Ki, the Ki or the vibrating life energy which the Ki receiver emits will change, and this will affect the people around. You will feel less stress, and good things will start to happen to you, and happiness will arise in your mind. This may be the major difference between Shinkiko and Kikou in general.

What kind of services do you offer to the members of the SAS?


We formed an organization called the SAS Shinkiko Assosication in order to let the members take advantage of the energy in their daily lives and support them. Those who bought the High Genki apparatus or who have participated in the Shinkiko Retreat Seminar, are qualified for the membership; the yearly membership fee is J.Yen7,350, and the members and their family members earn privileges such as being able to utilize each center around the country for free, to attend the seminars, to buy Shinkiko goods, to have their Shinkiko goods repaired at a discounted price, and to receive the monthly magazine and the weekly Shinkiko news for free. But there are some restrictions; please contact the nearest center for detail. Also, we have the monthly magazine membership; the members are the subscribers of the magazine, and there is no membership requirement. The members earn privileges such as being able to utilize the centers around the country once a month and to participate in the Shinkiko Experience Session that is held throughout the country, both for free.